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Waterpanel™ Bubble Walls produce a very captivating effect as vibrant dancing bubbles rise effortlessly between two clear acrylic panels. Midwest Tropical pioneered this unique water effect and holds patents for the low-maintenance Waterpanel™ Airwand interchangeable aeration system. Our bubble walls produce calmly rising medium size bubbles which are segregated between chambers however we also have designs which feature large chambers or none at all with free flowing, busy bubbles.

With thousands of Water Panel™ bubble walls created for clients across North America, Europe, Asia, and the Middle East, Midwest Tropical is the premier manufacturer bubble wall panels. Midwest Tropicals extensive experience and proprietary manufacturing techniques have allowed it to build the largest bubble panels ever created including single sections over 100 square feet and panels reaching over 16 feet in height. No other manufacturer can offer the quality, experience, and capability for your bubble wall project.

In addition to Water Panel™ Bubble Walls Midwest Tropical is the leading manufacturer of Bubble Tubes and Bubble Columns. These unique cylinder water features combine water, light, and bubbles into a classically shaped design for a dazzling display. Available in tube diameters up to 96 inchs and heights of over 240 inches (20 feet!) Midwest Tropical can create a bubbling water feature for any environment, budget, or concept.

All Waterpanels™ come with interchangeable color filters or automatically changing LED lighting at the top and bottom to create glowing panels as internal light illuminates and endless stream of bubbles

All of our water features are pre-fabricated in our state of the art manufacturing facility where we test them to ensure that all of the components (pump, filtration, lighting, water flow and acoustics) work together properly.

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Midwest Tropical is the leader in all designs and styles of custom water features with over 30 years experience creating unique and tranquil custom waterfalls, water wall, bubble walls, rain curtains, aquariums and other unique water effects. Clients of our water feature walls include slate water wall for Starwood, scored acrylic waterfalls for Holiday Inn, bubble wall for Hyatt, glass and stainless water wall for Embassy Suites, stone waterfall for Westin, rain curtain for La Quinta, indoor water wall for Hampton Inn, curved waterfall wall for Comforts Suites, steel water feature for Hilton and many other waterfall and water wall features for casinos, restaurant venues around the world. Working in hotel lobbies, dining area, spas, entertainment venues and other areas to incorporate the elegance and tranquility of a water feature wall to create an upscale environment using waterfalls, bubble walls, water panels, rain curtains and water feature walls. Custom and semi-custom water feature walls available for any budget. Logo work available on almost all glass water walls, acrylic water panels and waterfalls; etched, sand blasted, and peg mounted color logos available. Call today for the best price, quality and experience on your indoor water features and waterfall projects today!