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Vertical Chamber Bubble Walls

As inventor of the bubble wall, Midwest Tropical specializes in creating a host of water features for our clients, including vertical chamber bubble walls. What makes these dazzling pieces distinct is their vertical layout, sending dancing bubbles up and down individual chambers within the panel. Available in custom sizes and styles, bubble walls can be as large or small as you want. At Midwest Tropical, we tailor bubble wall specifications to your preferences and spaces. Whether you have a huge hospital atrium or a small hotel lobby where you want to create a visual focal point, this impressive water feature could be just the solution you’re seeking!

Benefits of Our Vertical Chamber Bubble Walls

When you’re hoping to add visual appeal, sensory stimulation, aesthetic value and/or a calming feel to an environment, bubble walls are always a great solution. The vertical chamber bubble wall in particular has a major aesthetic impact and works beautifully in many types of spaces. Here are some key benefits:

  • A strong visual focal point for your facility
  • Sensory stimulation for visitors
  • Tranquility of moving water
  • LED lighting that can be set to various colors
  • A sealed system that requires little maintenance
  • Versatile possibilities for placement
  • Everything custom-made in the USA

Here’s another benefit you won’t find anywhere else: Midwest Tropical invented a proprietary sealed and enclosed bubble column tube design that doesn’t allow evaporation. It requires no regular maintenance, making this an ideal option for those looking for a low-maintenance water feature. From enhanced aesthetics to a more peaceful setting, there are so many features to love about a custom vertical chamber bubble wall. Let Midwest Tropical design, build and install one that’s ideal for you!

Why Buy a Custom Vertical Chamber Bubble Wall From Midwest Tropical?

Founded in 1977, Midwest Tropical stands out as the pioneers of water walls. We design, fabricate and install water features in more than 75 countries, with all products made in the United States. Furthermore, we’re constantly adding new technology, products and designs to our offerings to meet clients’ needs. Our talented craftsmen work with acrylic, glass, tile, stone and other natural materials to create stunning pieces of art that captivate and inspire. Come to us with your ideas, and we’ll bring your concept to life with an indoor water feature you’ll love! Contact us today to learn more!


Video Featured Project: Siena Hotel Spa & Casino

Midwest Tropical has been building custom water features including water walls, waterfalls, bubble walls, aquariums, and other unique designer water effects for over 30 years. Our dedication to quality assures a product far superior to anything else in the market.

We have worked with numerous architects and designers to create a tranquil environment using the relaxing qualities of our water features. With our experience and dedication to quality water features and engineering services, we are committed to providing you and your clients, the highest quality work at the most competitive and cost effective price.

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