Why You Should Get A Bubble Fountain

When you want to enhance an indoor environment with more beauty, fresher air and an overarching sense of tranquility, you can™t go wrong with a bubble column fountain. Perfect in a wide range of environments, bubble walls lend modern calm to businesses, homes, stores, hotels, medical facilities and more. On top of that, they don™t require regular maintenance. Whether you™re looking to enhance an office or a hotel lobby, a bubble wall may be just the answer you need.

Benefits of Bubble Fountains

Why should you consider adding a bubble wall water fountain to your location? What™s so great about these unique water features? Here™s a look at all they have to offer:

  1. Enhanced aesthetics. A bubble fountain adds beauty and visual appeal anywhere it is placed. Add one to a lobby, office, room, patio to enhance that space™s ambiance and decor. A bubble wall water fountain also offers a natural centerpiece for an entryway, drawing attention and creating visual interest in the space.
  2. A soothing effect. Thanks to the sounds of trickling water, a fountain tends to have a soothing effect on its environment. Add one to a space where you want stress relief, enhanced peace and a feature that lends tranquility to the atmosphere.
  3. Natural humidity. Because they™re adding moisture to the air, bubble fountains act as natural humidifiers ” improving skin dryness, sore throats and more. Especially indoors in the winter months, this can be a wonderful asset for a space.
  4. Cleaner air. A bubble column fountain produces negative ions that work to remove irritants from the air. Think of your bubble fountain as a decorative air filter that you don™t have to hide when guests visit. Not only is it attractive and soothing, but it also improves your air quality day to day.
  5. Light white noise. Looking for a way to drown out annoying sounds in your area or community? A little white noise can be just the answer. A bubble wall water fountain naturally covers some noise with the gentle sound of flowing water. Instead of hearing the loud train or the heavy traffic, you listen to the peaceful sound of trickling water.

At Midwest Tropical, we offer custom Water Panel™ bubble walls that create ever-moving, visually interesting artwork that™s perfect for all kinds of settings. Dress up your space and make it more inviting with a custom-made, fully enclosed wall panel system of bubbling water. As the bubbles dance and flow within the frame, they™ll add life to your space without requiring any regular upkeep.

Buying From Midwest Tropical

Backed by more than 40 years in the industry, Midwest Tropical is pleased to provide a variety of custom-designed, custom-built bubble walls catered to our customers. We make all our products in-house at our Chicago-area design facility. We also professionally install our products throughout the United States.

Bubble walls are just one of the custom water features we offer at Midwest Tropical. To learn more about these and other products we create, shop our website or contact us today!

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