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Glass Water Wall at Holiday Inn Houston Airport 6 1
Glass Water Wall Frameless Embassy Suites Charlotte Ayrsley North Carolina 3
Water Wall at Tansky Toyota 2
Glass Water Wall at Holiday Inn Houston Airport 6
Glass and Stainless Water Wall with Half Circle Curved Basin at Westin San Franciso Airport 4
Enclosed Water Wall in office in Netherlands Holland
Water Wall Frameless Chicago Downton at American Medical Association Headquerters
Frameless Glass Water Wall First Western in Denver 2
Glass Water Wall at Holiday Inn Houston Airport 3
Nail Salon
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Bubble Wall Water Feature Three Story Bubble Wall Over 35 High Amazing Custom Waterfall
Screen Shot 2019 06 11 at 1.31.42 PM
Black Scored Acrylic Water Wall Aquafall with Logo at FE Moran Offices in Northbrook Illinois 2
Frameless Glass Water Wall First Western in Denver 2
Rain Curtain at Holiday Inn Express Louisville Kentucky
Bubble Wall Vertical Chambers Austins Chop House in Melbourne Florida 2
Custom Water Wall Sealed Enclosed Glass Waterfall
Bubble Wall Rod Peg Style Swirley at Arnaldos Banquet Center in Riverview Michigan 2
Bubble Wall Water Features in Hampton Inn Columbus OH bubble water wall
Custom Waterfall Mesh Water Wall Custom Water Feature for Miami Hotel
Stainless Steel Mesh Water Wall at Four Points by Sheraton at Miami Airport
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shutterstock 460366021
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shutterstock 555801409
Screen Shot 2018 06 21 at 11.57.10 AM
Hotel Lobby Glass and Stainless Water Wall
Frameless Glass Water Wall First Western in Denver 2
Frameless Glass Water Wall First Western in Denver 2
Frameless Glass Water Wall First Western in Denver 2
Rod Style Swirley Bubble Wall with Etched Logo for Costa Vida
Bubble Walls
Bubble Wall-Verical Chamber-at IMG Legacy Hotel in Braderton, Florida
Bubble Walls
Enclosed Water Wall at Carol Stream Public Library
Water Walls
Water Walls
Bubble Walls
Bubble Walls
Water Walls
Water Walls
Water Features
Video Featured Project:  Siena Hotel Spa & Casino
Bubble Walls
Embassy Suites   Dallas Texas0A
Reflection Pools and Fountains
Corporate Office   Detroit Michigan
Bubble Walls
Connors Steak  Seafood   Nashville Tennesee0A
Bubble Walls
Coca Cola Bus Shelter
Interactive and Digital Water Features
Cerasani Residence   Trump Tower Chicago
Bubble Walls
Bowling Lounge   Roselle Illinois0A
Rain Curtains

Custom Indoor Waterfalls And Water Features

For everything from hotel lobbies to restaurants and homes, indoor water features create a tranquil, one-of-a-kind space. For over 40 years, Midwest Tropical has been designing and installing indoor water features, carefully fabricating waterfalls, bubble walls and more to produce the unique look our clients want. From hospitals to hotels, we create the luxury, calming feel that only a water feature can provide.

Who Is Midwest Tropical?

Midwest Tropical designs, fabricates and installs water features in more than 75 countries around the world. Founded in 1977, our family-owned company has evolved over the years, adding technology, products and designs to ensure we are fully meeting our clients’ needs. We offer fully customized design and installation services that bring the vision our clients have for their indoor water features to life.

Creating and Designing Custom Water Features

Midwest Tropical designs and installs custom water features of all types. Each of our projects is unique to our client, giving an air of distinction and luxury. We specialize in water fountains, bubble walls, rain curtains and bubble tubes. We can design, build and install self-contained, automatic systems that you never have to worry about; fully enclosed water features that add class to your space without increasing your work; or open water features. Our designs are found in restaurants, hotels, apartment complexes, medical facilities and luxury homes. In addition, we carry some stock products that can help you with your existing water features.

Why Midwest Tropical?

If you are in the market for custom water walls, waterfalls, fountains or other water features, you need a water feature company that can give you something unique, durable and beautiful. Midwest Tropical’s team of designers and craftsmen specialize in building water features, with all of our products made in the United States. We’re skilled at working with stainless steel, copper and other metals. We can also use acrylic, glass, tile, stone and other natural materials to craft custom waterfalls and other stunning pieces of art.

With our own dedicated manufacturing facility located in the Chicago area, we are able to craft all of the components of your water feature. We then test them thoroughly to ensure everything is working properly before installation, limiting problems and delays. Our proven, turnkey service installation is available throughout the United States. Meaning, you can enjoy the benefits of custom fountains and water features no matter where your home or business is located.

Get Started on Your Custom Interior Water Feature Today

Are you ready to enjoy the benefits of a custom water feature in your space? Whether for your home or business, Midwest Tropical is the name you need to know. Contact us today to request a quote. Or, see how custom indoor waterfalls, made with help from our in-house design team, can transform your space.

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We are the Most Experienced Highest Quality Custom Water Feature Manufacturer Midwest Tropical is your best source for Custom Water Walls, Bubble Walls, Interior Fountains, Rain Curtains and Water Features.

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