No-Maintenance, Contained Water Feature Systems

Water Features, Midwest Tropical is a family-owned business. We began our business in the 1970s and after decades of water feature experience found that our clients loved the benefits of a water feature, and really wanted a no-maintenance water feature option. Thus, we decided to rethink the idea of a water feature and created a line of sealed water walls, bubble tubes and bubble walls. These fully contained systems require no regular maintenance, so you can enjoy a water feature without additional work. A no-maintenance water feature is one that has been completely sealed and enclosed so that all the water is contained on the inside and none can escape, and no contaminants from the outside can get in. The sealed water feature design is combined with our proprietary closed-loop pump system, which recycles the water while keeping it completely enclosed. The result is a no-maintenance water feature solution! Our fully sealed and contained systems include bubble walls, bubble tubes and water walls. All of these enhance the look and ambiance of a water feature, without putting additional work on your maintenance team. See examples of our sealed water features in our online gallery, and decide if this is the right option for your facility.

Open Water Features, Fountains and Pools

The sound of trickling water adds a sense of calm to a space. Many of our custom indoor water features are open designs that allow both the look and the sound of water into your space. With Midwest Tropical, you can enjoy:

No matter which of these designs is the right fit for your space, when you choose Midwest Tropical as your partner to design and build it, you will receive a custom look that is uniquely yours, helping your property stand out. To see examples from past projects, visit our online gallery.

Custom-Created Water Features for Your Facility

Midwest Tropical creates all of our indoor waterfalls, water walls, rain curtains, fountains, bubble walls and other water features in-house at our design and manufacturing facility located in the Chicago area. Because our water feature designers and manufacturers work closely together, our water features are the highest-quality designs in the world. We use stainless steel, copper and other metals alongside glass, acrylic, stone, tile, slate and more. With this long list of materials at our disposal, and the skill of our in-house designers, we can customize the design until it fully fits your inspiration. Our turnkey installation and design services are available throughout the United States.

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If you are looking for a way to make your space stand out; encourage your clients to feel comfortable and relaxed; or create that luxury ambiance that will appeal to your clientele, a water feature is the answer. Contact Midwest Tropical to receive a quote for your custom indoor water features from the company that has led the way in water feature design and fabrication for over 40 years

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