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Water Walls and Indoor Water Falls

Are you looking for a way to make your facility distinctive and create a luxurious feel for your customer-facing areas? The answer to this need could  be a wall mounted water wall . A  wall mounted waterwall is a waterfall water feature that sends calming water tumbling down an artistic wall into a wading pool or rocks, providing the benefits and effects of a water feature and art, all in one. At Midwest Tropical, we pioneered the idea of bringing the water wall design indoors, and continue to provide the best designs and superior installation to customers all around the globe. If you have been considering an indoor water feature wall, our experience, knowledge and skill will make it a reality for you. Take a look at our blog where you can get to know everything about water walls.

World-Class Builders of Indoor Glass Water walls

Since 1977, we’ve been pushing the envelope with what is possible and practical with water feature design, technology and fabrication. This innovation is clearly seen in our Aquafall™ Water Walls Indoors. Help your customers and clients feel comfortable and relaxed in your facility. These water features provide a wonderful sense of tranquility – creating a memorable show of dazzling sight and soothing sound. Enjoy therapeutic, shimmering water that cascades over the face of the tropical waterfall wall, resting in a bed of polished rocks. With the addition of an Aquafall™ feature in your facility, you can experience the benefits of a water-based feature, without the hassle of managing living aquarium systems.

While our Aquafall™ design is typically freestanding, we also offer wall-mounted or frameless styles of indoor waterfall features. What’s more, almost all of our features include LED lighting to illuminate the cascading or gently flowing water. We offer open designs as well as sealed and enclosed systems that require no regular maintenance. Meaning, you can have the waterfall water feature you desire without additional work on your part. Whether you choose an LED light water feature, an enclosed wall, an open waterfall design or something unique to your facility, count on Midwest Tropical to build a custom design that will make your place stand out from the rest.

Trust Midwest Tropical for Your Indoor Water Wall

Midwest Tropical is more than just a manufacturer of custom water walls. We are the company that invented the idea. If you are looking for design and installation help, our experienced team is your go-to partner. As the industry’s design and technology leader, all of our wall mounted water features are fabricated in our state-of-the-art manufacturing facility. We test our water features to ensure that all of the components (pump, filtration, lighting, water flow and acoustics) properly work together.

Our indoor water walls are perfect source to add tranquility and sophistication to your home and offices with sophisticated designs and unique looks. These elegant water wall features makes the environment of your home so soothing that you can’t wait to return to.  The calming sound and mesmerizing display makes yourself relaxed after a tiring and exhausting day. The custom Water Walls designed at Midwest Tropical are source to grab the attention of your guest and customers when installed to your home and offices. It grabs attention of your visitors and draws them like a magnetic force that lets your office or home become the topic of conversion all day long.

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