Transforming Stressful Hospital Environments with Plants, Flowers, and Water Features in West Virginia

Since forever, hospitals have been associated with stress and anxiety because of all the sicknesses, deaths and ailments. However, as the world advances, there’s a growing awareness of the therapeutic benefits of adding nature to healthcare environments.

Including elements like plants, flowers, and custom water features in hospital decor allows you to create spaces that make the healthcare professionals, patients and their loved ones peaceful and calm.

The Soothing Power of Nature

Imagine yourself in the place of your patient, walking into a hospital lobby filled with lush greenery, a bubble wall or an indoor waterfall wall by Midwest Tropical Inc., giving a gentle sound of flowing water and the soothing scent of fresh flowers in the atmosphere.

Seems wonderful, right? Such an environment can work perfectly for reducing stress and anxiety levels, and this is the least you can do for your patients who are putting their life’s trust in your hands. Studies have shown that surrounding a place with a natural setting, even in the form of indoor plants or custom water features, can positively affect a person’s emotional and mental wellness.

Plants: Nature's Stress Relievers

Plants are not just beautiful decorations; they are natural stress relievers. The presence of greenery is ideal for several issues like blood pressure, high heart rate, and feelings of anxiety; these issues can subside in the presence of plants without even having to get a checkup by a doctor (but it is still recommended to get doctor’s opinion on your condition).

Hospitals can incorporate various types of plants, from small potted ones to larger indoor trees, into their décor, along with beautiful water walls or bubble fountains. Plants like succulents, snake plants, and peace lilies are excellent choices for a hospital because they are low-maintenance and indoor plants. They work as air purifiers and also calm anxious people.

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Flowers: A Colorful Splash of Comfort

Flowers bring color, sweet scent, and comfort to hospital spaces. Their vibrant colors can lift spirits and bring positive emotions. Bouquets of fresh flowers in patient rooms or communal areas can provide a touch of nature’s beauty during challenging times. Apart from this, certain flowers like lavender and chamomile have fragrances that are known for their relaxing properties. So, you can plant these plants or place them around the hospital where they leave their scent the most, like air conditioning ducts.

Water Features: The Soothing Calmness

The gentle sound of flowing water has a remarkable ability to make people feel relaxed. Incorporating water features like indoor water walls, bubble wall panels, rain curtains, or indoor water fountains into hospital decor can provide auditory relief from the constant hustle and bustle. The sound of water can drown out the noise of the surroundings (because, honestly, the surrounding sounds of the hospital are pretty chaotic), creating a serene atmosphere that promotes tranquility. Patients and staff can find solace near these places.

Improving your Hospital Décor for Serenity

Careful planning and designing are needed to create a hospital environment that is truly calm and embraces nature’s healing power. Here are some design considerations:

  1. Natural Light: Maximizing natural light in hospital spaces can complement the presence of plants and flowers. Sunlight not only enhances the look of the place but also improves mood and circadian rhythms.
  2. Thematic Gardens: Hospitals can dedicate certain areas to thematic gardens, like Zen gardens or butterfly gardens. These spaces provide a unique escape and encourage mindfulness; plus, you can always add a water wall fountain in it.
  3. Art Integration: Incorporating nature-themed artwork can further enhance the calming effect.
  4. Accessibility: Ensure these natural elements are easily accessible to patients and staff. Waiting areas, corridors, and even patient rooms can benefit from such design, a 360 approach where all the hospitals can embrace calmness.
  5. Maintenance: Regular maintenance is crucial to keep plants and water features thriving. Hospitals should invest in properly caring for these elements to maintain their therapeutic benefits.

A Holistic Approach to Healing

Incorporating plants, flowers, and water features into hospital decor goes beyond aesthetics; instead, it’s a holistic approach to healing. It aids the emotional and psychological needs of patients and creates an environment that fosters recovery and well-being. And it also supports healthcare professionals by providing them with a more peaceful workspace.

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