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  • Design Tips: Make A Splash With The Area Around Your Water Wall - Whether it’s set in a hotel lobby, an office complex, a spa or a restaurant, a wall-mounted water feature can add wonderful tranquility and ambiance. It can also fall short. What makes the difference? Simply put, it’s how you incorporate your water wall design into the rest of your space. Add a water feature without Continue Reading
  • Creating An Inviting Ambiance With Rain Curtain Water Features - There’s nothing like the gentle sound of rain to relax the mind and body — and a rain wall fountain gives you just that, set comfortably indoors! Add a water curtain fountain to your lobby to make it more tranquil or your medical waiting room to ease patients’ fears. Use one in your corporate location Continue Reading
  • What To Know About Water Walls - What You Need To Know About Water Walls There’s nothing like the tumbling water of an indoor fountain to create a relaxing ambiance. Mimicking the soothing sounds of nature, an indoor waterfall helps your customers unwind as they spend time in your location. Whether you add one to an office, a lobby, a waiting room, Continue Reading
  • Fountains For Your Spa - Fountains For Your Spa The spa experience is all about tranquility — giving clients a place to escape for relaxation and pampering. This is exactly why a water feature is such a natural fit for your space. With its wonderful, Zen-like feel, a water feature soothes nerves and creates peaceful ambiance. Its trickling water reminds Continue Reading
  • Why Water Walls Are Popular - Why Water Walls Are Popular Any business that’s looking for an eye-catching water feature to enhance and create ambiance in its facilities will benefit from a water wall fountain. With an indoor water wall, you gain all the tranquility of a peaceful water fountain, but with none of the upkeep of a typical water feature. Continue Reading
  • How Bubble Walls Reduce Stress - How Bubble Walls Reduce Stress Who doesn’t deal with stress today? In a world that’s increasingly demanding and pressure-filled, more people are overwhelmed, overworked and facing the consequences. This is a serious matter. Why? The fact is, stress wreaks havoc on the body — tensing muscles, triggering headaches, lowering immunity and even increasing risk factors Continue Reading
  • Everything You Need To Know About Bubble Walls - Everything You Need To Know About Bubble Walls Take the tranquility of a water fountain, but enclose it and make it easier to maintain, and you’ve got the dazzling appeal of a bubble wall panel. What’s great about an LED bubble wall is its calming, entertaining ambiance. Add one to an office space or hotel Continue Reading
  • Tips For Selecting A Commercial Fountain - Tips For Selecting A Commercial Fountain Businesses understand that anything that sets them apart from their competitors is a welcome addition — and water fountains or other types of indoor water features certainly fit the bill. Commercial water features can do more than impress customers and clients — they can help strengthen your business’s brand, Continue Reading
  • Why You Should Get A Bubble Fountain - Why You Should Get A Bubble Fountain When you want to enhance an indoor environment with more beauty, fresher air and an overarching sense of tranquility, you can’t go wrong with a bubble column fountain. Perfect in a wide range of environments, bubble walls lend modern calm to businesses, homes, stores, hotels, medical facilities and Continue Reading