Top 3 Custom Indoor Water Features for Contemporary Style Statements

Top 3 Custom Indoor Water Features for Contemporary Style Statements

All of us have witnessed the calming vibes of water and its mellifluous sound as it flows down from one tube to another. And yes, it doesnt only happen at the exotic Niagra falls. Modern shopping malls, restaurants, pubs, and even childrens hospitals have custom indoor water features that leave us gushing, indoor water features and all we want to do is stand next to and keep breathing. These commercial places and their marketing departments love the impact created by these water features, and so there are high chances you would see them everywhere – especially as we move to 2021, the year of peace, hope, and calmness.

If you have a commercial space that you would like to add life to, here are three top water feature ideas that can be customized as per your brand aesthetics, and with minimal effort, they will get the place anew right after installment.

Rain Curtains

Quite unique and distinct in its visual features, a rain curtain will actually make your stakeholders admire this artificial yet classy combination of water with tech. Though this is an ideal indoor custom water feature for tall lobbies with high ceilings, Midwest Tropical has created it for clients who had venues with space restrictions too. This is usually an uncovered yet restricted area of falling water, and youll see droplets trickling down, creating the same visual appeal of rain.

Indoor Waterfalls

If youre planning to go for something more customized, with your brand logo and tagline all over the water feature, indoor waterfalls can be the best bet. These are ideal for areas with space restrictions as they cover vertical dimensions. Clients who decide on indoor waterfalls usually get digital panels covering their stairways and receptions. Whether you choose copper, stainless steel, acrylic, or a combination of all with your visual signage, these look super cool, making it all unique and attractive.

Indoor Water fountains

As the name suggests, these custom indoor water features cover the floor space and are ideal if you have some vacant area in your welcome or waiting lobby. Though Midwest Tropical serves clients indoor decor needs (with corporate backgrounds), some places like casinos and shopping malls have parking lots where indoor water fountains make a difference. These fountains need to be installed some feet below ground level and require 3-4 days of installation.

Customization options

There are absolutely no limitations to customization ideas as long as a person is ready to try and test. One can choose from:

  • Materials: acrylic, copper, stainless steel, and glass
  • Panels: natural backgrounds, digital panels
  • LED fairy lights and playback music
  • Horizontal or vertical dimensions
  • Logo, taglines, greetings, welcome messages, inspirational quotes, instructions

Are there any alternates?

While these are one of the trendiest custom indoor water features that are ideal for indoor corporate spaces, Midwest Tropical also has a range of aquariums, waterwalls, bubble tubes, and columns with a class of their own. These options are also suitable for clients looking for something quick that doesnt require a lot of floor planning before installation. While these can also be customized the way our clients would love, Midwest Tropical also has a variety of premade water bubble walls – just choose, and thats yours!

Your commercial space should speak volumes about your corporate identity, culture, values, and your design style. While a logo and other brand aesthetics make the first attempt, a custom indoor water feature should also be part of your interior decor theme to keep your stakeholders hooked. Choose one from Midwest Tropical and achieve architectural superiority thats unique and authentic.

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