Let it rain and create an effect that’s anything but standard.

Imagine falling rain drops indoors – guided invisibly — creating an overall appearance of fresh, clean rain, but controlled and you’ve imagined our rain curtains. While rain curtains are best for tall spaces, our nearly forty years of building custom water features has taught us how to control the waterfall effect so they can fit in virtually any interior design. And we’ve created every type of rain curtain you can imagine and have installed them in everything from office and hotel lobbies and hospitals to restaurants, casinos, high-end homes, and more. We begin our process by fully understanding your needs and presenting you with options, including circular rain curtains, curved rain curtain features, and more as well as explore the type of nozzle and other features you need. And since we manufacture our water features onsite in our state-of-the-art facility, we know that we offer you the finest quality rain curtain available.

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