Tile Water Walls And Waterfalls

Nothing compares to the beauty of custom tile water walls and waterfalls made by Midwest Tropical. Whether you want to create a piece that highlights your business logo or one with an eye-catching and artistic mural design, youll be delighted by our range of possibilities and with the expertise of our professional water wall contractors.

Our custom tile waterfalls provide all the visual appeal and sensory stimulation of nature, yet with the low maintenance of a sealed indoor system. Working with us, you can take your pick of tile types: mosaic, ledge stone, slate, granite, porcelain or river rock, for example. Imagine a tiled design showcasing your company name, or a mosaic of tiles that create an artistic scene.

Likewise, our water wall contractors can prefabricate the tile and ship the completed water feature to you, or we can install the piece on-site and apply the tile there. The choice is yours. Whatever the case, each of our tile waterfalls is custom-made to client specifications and designed to make facilities unique.

Some of the Benefits of Custom Tile Water Features

The beauty of our tile waterfalls is the major aesthetic impact they create. Add one to your hospital lobby, hotel, casino, spa, restaurant or office complex to enjoy a captivating focal point that adds beauty and calmness.

Here are some of the key benefits that come from these features:

  • Sensory stimulation for guests
  • Major visual impact in your environment
  • A design customized to your facility
  • The tranquil ambiance of moving water
  • Low maintenance from the sealed system
  • Versatile possibilities for placement
  • Custom design and manufacturing here in the USA

Why Buy From Midwest Tropical?

When you are interested in finding the best in custom tile water walls, Midwest Tropical is the place to go. Since our founding in 1977, we have been the pioneers of water walls  having not only invented them, but also continually improving and adding new technology to our products ever since.

Today, we are proud to create custom tile waterfalls that add interest and value to a wide range of indoor settings. Our team of talented craftsmen can build pieces that are truly works of art. Talk to us about your location and ideas, and let us craft a piece that revolutionizes your environment. At Midwest Tropical, its never been easier to get the kind of tile waterfall you ll love.

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