An Interior Designer’s Comments about a Waterfall wall

An Interior Designer's Comments about a Waterfall wall

If there’s ever a person who’s always on the lookout for something different, original yet authentic, it’s an interior designer. Most of the population has outgrown the run of the mill decor themes and art pieces that can be seen frequently in many indoor spaces from residences to commercial properties to retail stores. Involving natural elements indoors has been a running theme in the last few decades and is expected to expand beyond 2021 well into the next century. Even though greenery is still quite favorable, indoor waterfall walls are the latest craze in providing a sensory experience that goes beyond the typical decor ideas.

If numbers are to be believed, the search for indoor water features saw a staggering whopping 917 percent increase on Pinterest, which means you should get in on the action while it’s still hot. Midwest Tropical caters to customized water feature designs that seem to hold the key to regality and bona fide style statements.

What do interior designers remark about bespoke Waterfall Walls

Apart from internet searches, interior designers have recognized the wisdom in using water features as one of the best investments anyone can make. They feel that it falls in line with contemporary trends along with minimalism to be the running trend.

They also feel that since most people spend their time indoors either at work or in the office, water features contribute to relaxing vibes and tranquility. Some may, however, think that using indoor water features is way over-the-top, but designers assure that there’s something for minimalists and maximalists that fit their distinct tastes.

The initial trend in water features embraces the baroque style features that entail lavish ornamentation. Simultaneously, the other trend is focused on minimalist fountains, tabletop versions, exuding Zen vibes, and depicted to blend with the surroundings rather than making a popping effect. Using a water feature, boldly or subtly depends on the project’s scale and the purpose it’s destined to fulfill.

An Interior Designer’s Suggestion for using Waterfall Walls

If you’re not sure where to start and get in on this blazing trend, then read on to see how interior designers weigh in on water feature ideas that are easy to implement.

  1. Set the tone with the entryway

If you want to set a lasting impression as soon as one enters, then interior designers describe the entryway as the optimal place for trickling water walls. It is also a copybook spot for a fancier fountain with old-world hints. You can also consider arranging it with several modern accents for a contemporary, eclectic look.

  1. Enhance the main rooms

The experience to the senses is one that is incomparable to other pervasive art pieces that have one-dimensional dynamics. For example, a tabletop fountain can work amazingly with an essential oil diffuser or soothing music that invokes as many senses as possible, which is impossible with aquariums or artificial plants.

  1. Add the fourth dimension to places of social interaction

Water features offer attractive visuals along with interesting conversation pieces that can benefit waiting areas and lobbies. Similarly, hotels’ dining rooms are the ideal locations for an indoor water feature that would tell a beautiful story, while others relish delicious food. Talk about a treat to the senses!

An exquisite waterfall wall from Midwest Tropical can be the ultimate addition to your art collection. An understated idea could incorporate a smaller fountain intermixed with other collectibles. It will offer a pleasant surprise to other hung art and increase appreciation for your superlative taste in interior design.

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