How Your Doctor’s Office Could Benefit From A Bubble Wall

How Your Doctor’s Office Could Benefit From A Bubble Wall

Going to the doctor can be a source of anxiety for many people. However, you can create a welcoming, relaxing environment in your waiting room and other areas to help put patients at ease. A bubble wall is one type of improvement that could enhance your office — whether it’s the only change you make or you incorporate it into broader renovation or redecoration plans. Consider these reasons for adding a bubble wall to your doctor’s office.

What Is a Bubble Wall?

A bubble wall is a water feature that can revitalize an indoor space. Water PanelTM bubble walls are composed of custom acrylic panels that enclose soothing and visually appealing moving bubbles. Unlike water fountains and fish tanks, these water features require minimal maintenance.

Also, they can be customized to your brand and design scheme through shaped glass, lighting and other elements. Bubble walls provide a piece of artwork to your doctor’s office while also offering the relaxation of moving water.

Benefits of a Bubble Wall

The top reason to add a bubble wall to your doctor’s office is that it promotes your mission of improving health. People are calmed by water, which tends to create a meditative state within your facility. This can help ease stress, anxiety and other health concerns. Colored-LED lights can add to the mood-enhancing quality of the wall.

These water features also provide an opportunity to promote your brand. Bubble walls can be designed specifically to fit your logo or other branding. For example, bubble walls can be customized with your name printed behind moving bubbles or your logo shaped into the panel. Your branding is sure to make an impression when it’s combined with the beauty and awe of dancing water — encouraging patients to return and spread the word about your business.

While your patients are probably the priority for adding a bubble wall, this addition to your doctor’s office could also improve your workplace. Giving your employees a more relaxing environment in which to work could help them have less job stress and provide better patient care.

Choose Midwest Tropical for Your Water Feature

Midwest Tropical specializes in creating custom water features, including bubble walls. We are experienced in designing these panels for medical facilities, among other commercial spaces, and we can personalize each one to your space and brand.

Our team of designers and craftsmen will create your custom work of art at our Chicago-area manufacturing facility. You can choose from various metals and materials that our craftsmen are skilled at molding into unique pieces. You also have the choice to add LED lights and other custom features — and can pick from swirly, vertical chamber and other bubble wall options.

We design, craft, test and install your water feature to high standards to ensure you have a satisfying experience and a lasting display piece for your office. When we are finished, your doctor’s office will feature a wonderful natural element that calms and beautifies the space.
A bubble wall can bring the relaxing and rejuvenating feeling of the outdoors into your office through the natural element of water. This stress-relieving effect is perfect for calming apprehensive patients and promoting health benefits at your doctor’s office.

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