Water Wall Design Get A Decorative Glass Waterfall

Are you looking for a transparent water wall or a glass waterfall? The transparent water wall in glass is an exquisite decoration in the home or apartment. Our specialists at Midwest Tropical help you install a decorative glass waterfall.

How to install a decorative glass Water Wall Design?

The Water Wall Design is not very complex. The stand supports the cover and panel, whose primary function is to protect the waterfall from dust and dirt. For the backlight, it is better to choose neon bulbs (LED), LEDs will also fit, but their disadvantage is that they cannot shine water more than 30cm. Place the bulbs that you may like the most: on the top, bottom or side.

Before starting the work, you need to draw a Water Wall Design scheme, as well as calculate its size. If this is your first experience, we recommend that you start making a small, modest model for understanding all the subtleties, creating a Glass Waterfall, and if everything turned out to be great, go to a large Water Wall Design.

Start with making the platform.

As soon as the stand is ready, you can install the power supply on it, the aeration system and the check valve, thanks to which the water will remain in place when the waterfall is turned off and it does not unfold the tube. Also, install the backlight module, LED lamp, or RGB controller.

Now they need to be installed on this stand plexiglass, through which you can see the lighting. On the platform, install a glass container and fill it with water because the water pole must be constantly maintained. Now let the compressor tube so the air bubbles can get into the plexiglass holes.

To make the air bubbles coming out of the tube, it is evenly distributed. Use the acrylic spray with the holes. As you can see, installing a Water Wall Design with your own hands is not so difficult. Now you need to make the tube fit each of the holes. By the way, you can adjust the holes’ diameter so that the bubbles will get different volumes, so the Glass Waterfall will be even more beautiful.

You need to consider where you hide the tank that will be necessary to replenish the water. For example, it can be installed on the Transparent Water Wall itself and hidden between glass and podium. So that the water is not stored, but it was, you can also make a small crane. It is important to use purified distilled water, and before the first cascade launch, apply a detergent that removes dirt and grease on the glass, thus ensuring an even flow of water on the glass.

And in conclusion, let’s say that the glass waterfall in the home and apartment is not just a fashionable design solution, which allows you to transfer the part of nature to your home. The murmur of water helps to relax, calm down, and lead to feelings and thoughts. In addition, when the waterfall works, some of the water is constantly evaporated, which contributes to the humidification of the indoor air and reduces dust formation?

How to buy a Transparent Water Wall

The cost of Transparent Water Wall is indicated for 1 square meter. For the standard configuration, also read the possible options to replace components and finishes. When requesting a quote, please prepare the following information:

Size, width and height of a Glass Waterfall: If the technical task considers depth (in the case of installation in a niche or any kind of thresholds), specify the maximum value.

Location of the Glass Waterfall: on the wall, between the column as a partition, a separate element.

Color and finish material: if necessary, options are listed.

For a correct calculation and understanding of the situation, attaching a photo of the installation sites, visualization, drawings, and sketches (by necessarily professionally compiled).

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