How Bubble Walls Reduce Stress

How Bubble Walls Reduce Stress

Who doesn’t deal with stress today? In a world that’s increasingly demanding and pressure-filled, more people are overwhelmed, overworked and facing the consequences. This is a serious matter. Why? The fact is, stress wreaks havoc on the body — tensing muscles, triggering headaches, lowering immunity and even increasing risk factors for various diseases. That’s why any way you can counteract stress is worthwhile — including with a bubble wall fountain in your business environment. When you add a bubble wall to your office, health center, spa, hotel, restaurant or other location, you gain a feature that calms employees and creates ambiance for customers. How do bubble walls reduce stress? Here’s a look.

1. Soothing sounds. Listening to soft, repetitive sounds such as flowing water can be wonderfully relaxing — so is it any wonder people equate waterfalls and water features with stress relief? What’s more, with its flowing water, a bubble wall naturally provides white noise in your environment, covering stressful sounds and creating a more peaceful backdrop for doing work and serving clients. Use one to drown out the stress of nearby traffic, barking pets, neighbors, etc. — all with the simple, soft sound of flowing water.

2. Calming movements. The defining feature of a bubble wall is its bubbles — floating peacefully and rhythmically in its panels. As employees and clients gaze at the movement, it’s easy to get lost in the sight, distracted from worries and mesmerized into a calmer state. Because repetitive, calming movements can be so beneficial for a more meditative frame of mind, a bubble wall fountain empowers people to take a step toward a clearer, calmer attitude.

3. Relaxing colors. Set your bubble wall to a soothing green or blue hue to enjoy maximum calming power from the feature, as these colors are known for their peaceful, mood-enhancing potential. Because bubble walls are often adaptable to your environment, you can pick the color with the most stress-busting power, whatever works for you.

4. Adjustable lights. Whether you want your room brighter or darker, the adjustability of a bubble wall’s LED lighting makes it easy. Dim the room for a calming night-time effect, or brighten a space for a happier, sunnier feel.

5. A nod to an ocean getaway. Think of a bubble wall as the next best thing to a restful beach vacation. With a bubble wall, in lieu of a traditional oceanfront view, you get the serenity of ocean waters in your everyday life.

Whether you run a shopping mall, an office complex, a tourist attraction or a trendy restaurant, when you want to create a tranquil atmosphere, consider the benefits of a bubble wall fountain. To learn more about the stress-reducing potential of these water features, check out the Water Panel™ bubble walls available at Midwest Tropical. Order yours today. Or, get in touch to discuss the possibilities for your site!

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