9 Tips for Installing A DIY Bubble Wall Fountain into an Existing Wall

Bubble wall

Within our extensive collection of water features, some of our bubble wall fountain units require a DIY job to install it efficiently into an existing wall in your home or business.


Now you can create your bubble wall like a pro, but first, you would need an in-depth assessment of what you need to do to install properly those panels for a better ambiance.

  1. The foremost thing that any professional will teach involves building a double-sided frame around the panel to encase it in wall-mounted installations.
  2. Secondly, make the frame components easily removable using screws or similar fasteners.
  3. While you may forget in the pressure of doing crucial craftsmanship for the very first time, it™s our prime duty to remind you to make the bubble panel properly supported from the bottom of the unit. Moreover, all of the weight should rest on the bottom edge.
  4. Work discretely on the vertical support on both sides of the panel to keep the unit in an upright position.
  5. Use an adhesive foam strip to cushion the unit on harder surfaces.
  6. The next step enforces you to make sure the unit is mounted in the appropriate level position so that there is no likelihood of water spillage- enabling the energetic bubble output.
  7. Especially the top of the unit must be accessible so that you can conveniently pour water into it. This also helps make removal and re-installation of the entire panel smooth when you want to give your led bubble wall a thorough cleanup or want to refresh the tank water.

Things You Shouldn™t DIY

1. Avoid drilling or screwing into the bubble wall panel.


2. It is strictly prohibited to use glues and/or solvents to mount the unit.


3. Other components that contribute correspondingly to a robust bubble wall lightening action includes air pump and LED power supply. They should not be mounted under the unit, but rather to either side of the panel in a remote location with access to power.

These are all the important tips for installing DIY aquarium bubble walls fountain. We hope these step-by-step instructions become an ultimate checklist when you look up ways to build a steady underwater environment. Since many of you haven™t done anything like this in history, it might be a challenging experience for you, but here with our brief, the entire process becomes an enterprising experience.


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