Water Features Fountains Why Does Water Relax The Mind?

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Being near water calms our senses, and scientists say this has a positive effect on our brains. So, why not bring water features fountains at your place? Yes, we have the water fountains for indoors.

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Looking at the water and hearing its sound puts our overloaded minds in a relaxed and hypnotic state. Our brain processes thoughts differently in this situation, leading to calmer and more creative states and increasing well-being. Look for waterfall feature and waterfall panels here.

How to Get a Water Wall Fountain DIY

Currently, neuroscientists and psychologists are much more focused on studying the impact of the sea, rivers, and lakes on our happiness and well-being by being surrounded by what is known as blue spaces. Wallace J. Nichols, a marine biologist, has written about the different ways that bodies of water positively affect us. So, what if we cannot be by the natural sources, our water features are here.

A water wall outdoor induces meditative states

Hearing the noise of the waves by the ocean can bring us into a conscious meditative state. The sound of waves has altered brain wave patterns and causes a relaxed, meditative state. Even the simple act of observing the movement of the water in water wall outdoor calms our minds. This has numerous benefits, as it helps reduce depression and lower levels of stress and anxiety and promotes better mental clarity and sleep patterns.

Invokes inspiration and creativity

When we are near water fountain features, our brain goes from busy to relaxed mode. This naturally causes the brain to “open up” as it does not focus on the millions of thoughts that revolve around it, which can often lead to stress or anxiety. When the brain is relaxed, it is more open to creative thoughts.

It gives a sense of wonder.

For positive psychology, wonder is an important factor. The emotion of wonder contributes greatly to our happiness because not only does it allow us to be in the present moment. But it makes us think about our place in the world and invokes a feeling of humility, as well as feelings of connection to something beyond ourselves, facing the sheer vastness of nature.

Boost the benefits of exercise

Exercising is a good way to improve our mental well-being. However, going for a run or a walk in the ocean will make these benefits ten times greater. The idea is that being surrounded by a blue space triggers more positive benefits when exercising since the intake of negative ions in our systems increases in this situation. What’s better than a water fountains for indoors?

It is a great source of negative ions.

Positive ions emitted by electrical appliances strip us of our natural energy, while negative ions are generated by waterfalls, ocean waves, and electrical storms. A large amount of negative ions in the atmosphere accelerates our ability to absorb oxygen and balance serotonin levels (the chemical related to mood and stress). In this case, water features fountains helps to rejuvenate the mind and improve alertness and alertness concentration.

The powerful music of the water

The great composers of all ages have been inspired by water to delight us with some of the most moving pieces of art ever conceived by the human Spirit. However beautiful it may be, no composition or poem can replace the whisper of stream water, the crystalline tinkling of the drop that falls from the stalactite of a cavern, or the joyous flow of the liquid that dances in the fountains of the plazas. The music of the water is before the human being; It is only up to us to continue listening to it.

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