3 Recommended Places To Put Your Feng Shui Water Wall Feature

3 Recommended Places To Put Your Feng Shui Water Wall Feature

Did you know the effectiveness of the interior wall waterfall in Feng Shui? One of the pillars within Feng Shui and that is key to achieving harmony in spaces are known as 5 elements. They represent the different phases of energy or Chi. each of which has been given a name from nature: Fire, Earth, Metal, Water and Wood.

Feng Shui tries to connect us with nature through the objects that we have at our place. One of the objects you can use as a water wall feature at your commercial space is the Feng Shui interior waterfall wall or a curtain waterfall.

Feng Shui does not impose anything on you.

Yes. It only advises you on which places are the best for certain things so that you can get the benefits of those remedies. In this case, we advise you to place your interior waterfall wall inside your commercial space to entertain. And in this way, we can take advantage of all the energy that it transmits to us. These places are:

  • Living room or hall
  • Dining room
  • Hall
  • Work zone

Another of the recommended areas would be prosperity. When you know the areas with the Bagua map, you can use the Feng Shui indoor wall waterfall to activate them. If you don’t know them, nothing happens. On the other hand, some of the places where we do not recommend that you place your Feng Shui interior waterfall wall or a bubble wall art would be:

The bedroom as it can affect rest. You may think about turning it off overnight, but we recommend that you find another place for your fountain.

  • The kitchen
  • Bathroom

Now let’s get out of your workplace.

Feng Shui water wall feature outside.

A water wall feature can be placed anywhere. And if you want to go a little further, look again for the prosperity zone in your garden, balcony, or terrace. It will have a double positive effect. You will find the prosperity corner as follows: When you go out to your garden, from the door looking at the garden, in the background to the left. Surrounded by plants, it would be great.

You can have a water wall feature inside the office space and another on the terrace because each one does its function.

Surround yourself only with what you need, and it makes you happy.

A wall waterfall that is stopped, not used, and with stagnant water due to lack of use will only paralyze the energy of the room where you have it and, thus, affect the Bagua area where it is located. In the attempt to want to do a good Feng Shui, you will achieve the opposite. In short, install wall water fall, but only if you like them and will put them in motion.

IMPORTANT: if you want to know how to achieve personal, family peacefulness and abundance through small changes at your place, without having to reform it or change your decoration, you need to take a look at interior wall waterfalls we have for you.

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