What To Know About Indoor Home Water Features In The Home

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What do indoor home water features contribute according to Feng Shui, which indoor wall waterfall fountainsto have and where to install the indoor waterfall feature?

Beyond any theory, having an indoor wall fountain in the home brings a feeling of well-being and freshness. In seasons of high temperatures, this contribution of well-being is multiplied by the sound of running water when you have an indoor waterfall.

An indoor wall fountain is associated with Feng Shui

For Feng Shui, water is a purifying element par excellence that circulates vital energy when it runs as in indoor waterfall for home. experts and advisors in Feng Shui, a thousand-year-old Chinese technique that harmonizes the relationship between people and objects, recommends having indoor wall waterfall fountains” only in cases where we are willing to attend to them.”

Tips on indoor wall hanging water fountains

It is advisable to put indoor wall hanging water fountains in places of socialization, such as home entrances, living rooms, and workspaces.

Suppose we are convinced that we have enough enthusiasm to enjoy the energy provided by the indoor glass waterfall. In that case, to always place the indoor wall waterfall fountains in places of socialization, such as entrances, living rooms, and workspaces. At the same time, install an indoor water wall fountain against placing them in kitchens, bathrooms, and bedrooms.

How to get an indoor glass waterfall

It is possible to make a DIY indoor wall fountain since the motor can be purchased separately, and many tutorials explain how to achieve it.Suppose we choose the exterior, whether in gardens, terraces, or balconies. In that case, we recommend looking for the “prosperity corner”, which is found in the following way according to Feng Shui: “When going outside, from the door, look at the bottom and the left, since that is the ideal corner.”

Which indoor wall fountain to choose

Regarding the characteristics, the specialists warn that they must be of an appropriate size to the place where they are to be placed and that, when buying indoor wall hanging water fountains, we must take care that the sound of the engine does not cover the noise of the waterfall.

When buying indoor home water features, take care that the engine’s sound does not cover the sound of the waterfall. The architect Larisa Boiarkina, from the Feng Shui Center, warns that there are two sources: the Yin, which is passive and relaxing, and the Yan, which is active and energizing.

  • The fountains with lights, rotating glass balls and tall waterfalls are of the Yan type.
  • On the other hand, the low fountains, with horizontal objects, plants or Buddha’s, are of the Yin type and are intended to bring tranquility.

To make a better choice, it is good to take a visual walk through the hundreds of models that can be seen on Midwest Tropical, which has a chapter dedicated exclusively to water sources or to check prices and designs on sites.

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