Choosing the Right Water Feature for Your Business Premises

Choosing the Right Water Feature for Your Business Premises

What makes successful businesses actually successful? Any successful entrepreneur will inform you that investing in anything makes your brand stand out from the competition. This could be anything from the product you’re selling or your interior design that gets clients and investors through the door and makes them want not just to stay but develop a long-term relationship. So what could be the thing that’s missing from your business premises? Yeah, that’s right, its indoor water features like water walls can make all the difference. Midwest Tropical has a variety of water features designed to impress clients and establish bold architectural statements while at it.

Choosing a water feature can be almost as hard as competing with a rival, but that decision can be made simpler by following the 4 tips.

Consider your brand

A water wall feature should complement your brand identity. It should reflect your business values and inspire confidence so that your clients find it easy to associate with it. There are many aspects to choosing a water feature, such as size, color, and material, which make it convenient to visualize the design that will blend in with your theme and brand. For instance, a spa can work with materials like copper and slate to create earthy tones. A medical clinic can benefit from materials like glass or acrylic, giving it a modern feel. A trickling fountain in a doctor’s office can work as a beautiful distractors while giving the place an edge over all other related businesses. Make the most of your water feature and get your company log engraved on your chosen design.

Examine the space

The amount of space available at your premises determines the design and the type of water feature you should get. A spacious lobby where customers and clients congregate could benefit immensely with a large fountain reaching the almost top of the ceiling. You can always choose a water wall fountain or rain curtain that needs just an empty wall in case of limited space. You could also opt for tabletop fountains for private offices to exude cool and sophisticated vibes that can also be seen in your business model.

Analyze functionality

This is where you need to look beyond a water feature’s visual aesthetics into what else it can give you. A water feature that doubles as a partition can be an instrumental tool for privacy and its pleasing appearance. Similarly, what can other water features bring you that will set your premises apart from all other related businesses? Anything other than soothing sounds will become a source of irritation in corporate offices, so always consider the noise factor when choosing a water feature. If you need to drown out the sounds from a noisy kitchen in a restaurant, then the more sound a water feature produces, the more likely your guests will remember the experience.

Check other factors

Cost and safety are some other primary factors that should play a part in deciding on a particular water feature in addition to the ones mentioned above. Think of maintenance, power source, and portability so that you can make an informed decision with respect to the future of your business. If you need to shift, then mobility will be vital, and consider the location of the power source before committing to a location.

Upgrade your business premises with Midwest Tropical’s water wall features and bring it up to date with the rest of your equipment. Who says decor needs to look vintage and dated? With technology by your side, you can exhibit your futuristic approach in your decor as well.

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