5 Facts you Never knew about Water Displays

5 Facts you never knew about Water DisplaysWater is an enigma that has been serving the human race since the beginning of time. There’s no limit to human beings’ fascination for water: from quenching thirst to indulging artisans. Midwest Tropical has applied this concept to water features creating stunning water displays that can breathe life to any interior, whether it’s a shopping mall or a doctor’s office. Who would have thought that we’d have our own waterfalls in our properties? And when that time is here, why not make the most of it? Never before has it been this easy to inculcate water into our daily lives while making a bold style statement that reflects futuristic thought and tastefulness. Opting for a water display as a center point for your interiors should be done with careful consideration of space, location, and shape. But once settled, it could turn out to be the best thing you do for your brand and its reputation. Here are some riveting facts that you probably never knew about water displays and may help you finalize your decision to get one.# 1 Water displays can work with any theme of décorWith a plethora of options for shapes, sizes, and colors, a water feature can gel well with any existing décor. Whether it is urban, chic, or rustic, you can get it customized accordingly and use it to exude the same vibes as the surroundings. These features also help in creating a focal point and bring the whole aesthetic scene together to create striking effects.# 2 Water displays can be used for amusementAlthough most people use water displays for decorative purposes, they can also be used for amusement. In fact, it’s getting quite common for shopping malls and hotels to use fountains with timed water jests that create dramatic displays. This practice hails back to the 13h century when the Les Merveilles de Hesdin fountain was installed to drench spectators. The same concept now applies to a smaller scale and can be used indoors for the same effect.# 3 The first fountains were designed over 3000 years agoWater displays, especially fountains that are currently all the rage, were initially designed in ancient Egypt to compliment gardens. The resemblance is uncanny to what we have today, with the exception that now we use recycled water, and the plumbing doesn’t come close to what they had.# 4 The informal water displays are inspired by the Romantic PeriodThe Romantic Period is most noteworthy for its revival of the Gothic era and their love of nature. Instead of using carefully constructed fountains, many romantics opted to place water displays that were strategically informal and placed in a random state to resemble a natural state. Ruins inspired the existing décor of the romantics, although they were built newly, which offered interesting settings for fountain designs. The same concept can be used today to select an exciting water feature and exudes grandeur with subtle class.# 5 They are widely used for indoor decoration – worldwideThe assumption that water features can be used only for the outdoors has long become obsolete. Today, there’s no limit to the use of water features to enhance visual aesthetics and increase commercial spaces’ property value. Large thanks to technology, you can choose from a hundred different water display designs, specially conceptualized for indoor use.Water displays bring style and vigor to the atmosphere creating the illusion of life in an otherwise drab environment. Breathe life into your corporate spaces with Midwest Tropical’s vogue water features, and never look back!
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