Discover The Best Location For A Bubble Waterfall

In modern metropolis life, many people catastrophically lack contact with wildlife”people who do not need to go to the country house on the day off. We offer to contact our company and buy a Window Waterfall. After placing it with live plants, you can turn the small area of ‹‹your apartment into a cozy corner. It will be pleasant to relax after a long day at work. A soft murmur of water will eliminate the stress accumulated by the day.

In some cases, designers use Waterwall Designs as partitions when separating the room to the zone, which is very effectively seen. Many are equipping their living space in the Fengshui system in which “Aqua” objects are a prerequisite.

Before picking a bubble waterfall, think carefully about all the details of the location before the waterwall designs. Take a look in more detail with the possible options:

Location:to move a Bubble Waterfall, you will need to order new water supply tubes and put them on the wall. Waterwall Designs are movable. It will only be necessary to unscrew the bolts that fix the design.

Water cut: In 90% of cases, we use Window Waterfall in proportion with silicate. It is safe in operation. According to the characteristics of light permeability, it is not inferior, purified by any cleaning agent. Work with Window Waterfall is less laborious, so the total cost will be less. At the back of the road, it is possible to apply a logo or photograph.

Case: It is made of white or black polystyrene.

End up: In the standard package, there is PVC. Waterwall Designs in a row with high strength, highly elastic, moisture resistant, resistant to mechanical effects. Choose a wide selection of color scheme, faux wood, metal, leather and other materials. If you plan to buy a Bubble Waterfall and save money, this is the perfect option. If your room is with a type of stylist, youcan decorate the body with practically any material: mosaic tiles, stainless steel, tree, bamboo and other materials. Please indicate the technical task you need. Consider any set of tasks.

Pump: The market situation and supplies can be replaced by similar characteristics”the warranty period of the service declared by the manufacturer is one year.

Illumination: Two options are possible:

  • Stain a single color mounted on the top decorative cap;
  • RGB tape on the top and bottom of the boat. It is controlled by a multi-color remote control, equipped with various playback modes.

Additional modules: Depending on the size or the desire of the customer, installation is possible: automatic refill and drain water. Installation of the PVC Bubble Waterfall, the second pump with a special nozzle sprays water in a small fountain.

Benefits of a Window Waterfall:

  • Window Waterfall is a vertically installed plane of glass, stone or other material on which waterfalls.Such sources are often selected for installation in offices, rooms, houses, where they perform the following functions:
  • The Window Waterfalls are very efficient and hydrated. This is especially true in the heating season. And in the heat, it serves as an additional source of air conditioning. Thus, waterfalls in stone or glass improve health and well-being.
  • Window Waterfalls create a unique atmosphere in the room. With the presence of waterwall designs, the space transforms the static environment into the dynamic one. The use of water structures in the interior shows taste and originality, gives a special elegant room, sets the necessary accents.
  • Attract the attention of movement, sound, backlight.
  • Water movement promotes relaxation, calms and configures the best. It’s no wonder that based on how waterworks, you can see it infinitely.
  • Serve for zoning space. Waterwall Designs are often used to design niches, transitions, and arches. Water wall waterfalls can also serve as a partition or be a separate decor item.

By contacting us to purchase a Window Waterfall, you will receive a guaranteed quality product at the most affordable prices.


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