Cascading Water Feature The Best Sources Of Water To Attract Abundance To Your Home

Today, we want to talk to you about why you should buy water feature or buy indoor fountain or decorative cascading wall fountain, also called FengShui cascading wall fountain or Zen fountains.

But before you buy water fountain for home, you must understand how cascading water feature that is cascading wall fountain can help you to achieve abundance.

Why buy water fountain for home

FengShui has 5 elements: wood, earth, metal, fire and water. Each of them has a unique vibration and energy that is complemented by the other four energies or elements.

At the same time, if one of these elements predominates more than another, the joint energy can become unbalanced and create problems at home (malaise, accidents, lack of stability in relationships, stagnation in projects).

Today, we want to focus only on the cascading water feature, the energy that makes your life, your projects and your abundance flow harmoniously (or not). As we have told you, it is important that all energies are present in your home, but all in their proper measure.

An excess of water energy, for example, could cause everything to “flow” too fast and you lose control of your life, your relationships or your finances.

To avoid instability due to excess or lack of water energy, it is essential that you know which decorative elements have that energy:

  • Cascading wall fountain with reflective surfaces such as glass, mirrors, shiny metallic objects … (represents calm water)
  • When you buy wall fountain in wavy or dark blue or black decorative objects (represents churning water)
  • Paintings with images of water, for example, the sea, the ocean, a river or lake, rain, waterfalls … (it is symbolic water)
  • Buy water feature such as fountains, aquariums or ponds in which the water circulates (it is real water)


Interesting fact: on its positive side, water energy is associated with intelligence (water always finds a way to overcome obstacles).

On its negative side it is related to fear (a large body of moving water awakens us fear or a sense of danger).

Why at is a decorative cascading water feature for?

If you feel blocked, abundance does not enter your life, nothing changes for more things you do. There is no movement or if you have the feeling that everything is slipping out of your hands and that changes are happening so quickly that you do not it doesn’t even take time to process them. The force of the water takes everything away.

We suggest you do 2 checks:

  • First, analyze how much “water element” is in your house, in your decoration.
  • Second, see where in your house these objects with water energy are located (in the dining room, in the kitchen, in the bedroom …)

 If you do these two simple checks, you may find that:

There is an excess of water (too much blue color, or many wavy and / or shiny objects, or paintings with water …). In that case, you will need to rethink the decoration or distribution of your cascading water feature according to what FengShui marks so that the momentum of the water-energy will drag you downstream through your life.

Or on the contrary, in your cascading water feature, the water or the water elements shine by their absence (there is a lack of light and many immovable objects). The reason your life looks like Groundhog Day and nothing moves or circulates. Weencourage you to consider buy a wall fountain because, well located in your home, it will work miracles.

Where is a cascading wall fountain placed according to Feng Shui?

Water washes your home and takes away bad energy (unwanted situations in our life). Water is the source of life and eliminates everything that harms it (hatred, dislikes, anxiety …).

You already know that FengShui uses the Bagua map to know where to place each decorative element. Using it is ideal, but if you don’t want to complicate your life, weare going to give you some standard tips so that you can place the water source without fear of making mistakes.

  • The front area of ‹‹your house corresponds to the water element and is the ideal place to place a cascading wall fountain.
  • So, as a general rule, the living room or hall will be the 2 main locations for your cascading wall fountain.
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