Water Bubble Walls and Interior Design Concepts for 2021

Water Bubble Walls and Interior Design Concepts for 2021

The last few years have seen a fast-paced transformation in interior design, and that is here to stay well beyond 2021. Modern commercial spaces are inclining towards pleasant experiences. While thinking about office design, Midwest Tropicals water bubble walls can be effortlessly included in ˜the office of the future. Here are 4 important concepts that we keep in mind while crafting these masterpiece architectural statements for contemporary commercial properties.

Sustainable Resources

Most businesses are ˜going green as a display of social responsibility. 2021 expects to see an influx of everything that is sustainable such as fabrics, decoration pieces such as waterfall designs, and construction material such as wood. As this demand increases, the interior decor industry is looking to manufacture products that require less energy in turn, reducing the wastes in landfills. Indoor water features can become a coveted staple in such designs since they are standard examples of sustainable resources. They require minimal maintenance and use recycled water while elevating the aesthetics.

Feeling at home in the office

As more and more companies look for ways to take care of internal and external stakeholders, the workplace design has metamorphosed to blur the lines between the home and the office. Instead of having ˜chill-out zones as places to relax, they will become more mainstream with the incorporation of sofas, oversized reading chairs, coffee tables, and rugs. You can also expect to see more natural elements come into play where the decor complements the office design to bring about a holistic well-being effect.


According to studies, noise is often the most significant source of dissatisfaction in office plans. It impacts the ability to meet productivity targets. It also highlights the lack of privacy during phone-calls in an open-plan office. This challenge can be easily overcome by using water features. This would bring a natural element into the surroundings, with pleasant sounds that promote health and offer a reprieve from all the distractions and noise.

The use of indoor water features reduces anxiety and offers an alternative to installing acoustically-padded pods and soundproof booths. These features work amazingly with all decor themes and can be as subtle or extravagant as you want. When used as room dividers, water bubble walls can give employees to work in a soothing environment and experience a significant boost in productivity.

Natural Elements

Workplaces that take care of their stakeholders mental and emotional wellbeing enjoy a great return on investment. The top list of modern commercial complaints includes a lack of natural light, noise levels, uncomfortable temperatures, and inadequate tech equipment. For a business to succeed, the overall well-being of the stakeholders has to be a priority. Many of these complaints can be easily fixed with simple solutions. Inculcating natural elements into the workplace can dramatically promote productivity. It can be achieved with water features in places where natural light is plenty. It can also be the solution to noise barriers and will elevate your style statement to the next level.

Waterfall designs from Midwest Tropical can be tailored to your needs where you can go as big or small as you want, regardless of space. Plus, you can choose between stock bubble walls, or customized one with your particular brand aesthetics. Bring your interior design to the future with these water features where they will cast a more prominent and favorable impression before anything else.

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