Everything You Need To Know About Bubble Walls

Everything You Need To Know About Bubble Walls


Take the tranquility of a water fountain, but enclose it and make it easier to maintain, and you’ve got the dazzling appeal of a bubble wall panel. What’s great about an LED bubble wall is its calming, entertaining ambiance. Add one to an office space or hotel lobby to create an eye-catching focal point as well as a mesmerizing work of art. Have you seen a bubble wall fountain on display? Can you picture one in your home, restaurant or retail store? Would you like to learn more about how one might benefit your location?

To help answer these questions and empower you with everything you need to know about bubble walls and how they work, here’s a look at some of the basics of these captivating water features.

What Is a Bubble Wall?

Available in various sizes and designs, bubble walls are self-contained, enclosed water features that can be placed in homes or businesses. Designed to be focal points wherever they’re placed, they showcase dancing bubbles inside their walls, creating ever-changing and moving artwork. Because bubble walls can be custom-created to meet the desires of their owners, they can include various features — such as LED lighting, custom logos, shaped glass, and curved or serpentine structures.

How Do Bubble Walls Work?

Creating the soothing, rhythmic movement in a bubble wall is a simple concept. Essentially, in a bubble wall panel, a small, powerful motor pumps air through to the wall and distributes it across the wall’s surface. This results in bubbles. When LED lights are added, they light up the bubbles and create a specific mood and ambiance for the room.

What Are the Biggest Benefits of Adding a Bubble Wall to a Commercial Space?

For any facility that wants to improve its atmosphere, a bubble wall makes a great option. That’s true whether you’re talking about a restaurant, a high-end inn, an office complex or a medical center. Consider, for example, some of the benefits it could offer your location:

• Enjoyment in a lobby or office where many people come in and out
• Distraction in a waiting room where patients tend to be nervous or anxious
• Relaxation anywhere you want a sensory, therapeutic feature
• Enhanced ambiance and beauty for any environment
• Amplified branding with a custom logo reflecting your business

How Much Maintenance Do Bubble Walls Require?

One of the best features of a bubble wall is that it requires no undue maintenance — even less than a water wall, and with no splashy messes to clean up. In fact, with our line of proprietary, enclosed, sealed bubble walls, you have almost no maintenance with the closed-loop air-pump system and reduced evaporation. You don’t have to regularly clean it or care for it beyond changing the water every two to three months. Yet, in exchange for this little effort, you get a soothing, interesting conversation piece that breathes life into your facility.

Are you curious about bubble walls? Can you picture one in your office, lobby, business or home? If you’re interested in learning more about bubble walls and how you can add one to your space, Midwest Tropical is here to help. Backed by more than three decades in the industry, we manufacture all our bubble walls in-house, using our talented design team to create custom pieces our clients love. On top of that, we install our American-made products throughout the United States and world.

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