Create A Unique Look With Cheap Indoor Wall Water Fountains

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Let us show you how to install cheap wall fountains at home. Installing a DIY Chicago water fountain is a simple job with which we will be able to decorate the exterior.

Step by step guide to install cheap indoor wall water fountains

So, have you just picked or bought one of our cheap indoor wall fountains? In this section, we will show you how to install Chicago waterfalls in the house, taking advantage of a built-in drain that is already in the garden. With a simple knowledge of plumbing, this job will be very easy. In addition, we take care of the details: if you place some plants around, you will get an attractive and cozy corner to enjoy good company.


  • Rotary hammer
  • 8 and 22 mm diameter concrete drill bits
  • Ratchet
  • Bucket
  • Flat chisel
  • Palette
  • Dog key


 A Chicago water fountain

  • A tap
  • 20mm diameter nylon tube
  • Nylon fittings
  • Cement glue
  • Metal thread sealant
  • 8 x 120mm cleats
  • Lag screws
  • Plastic clamps

As we told you at the beginning, with a simple knowledge of plumbing, installing Chicago fountains will be very easy. Fixing it will be very simple: dough, dowels, and lag screws. We will also teach you how to make a water pipe with a flexible plastic tube.

Step by step to install an artificial stone Chicago fountain

 Step 1

Once the location of the Chicago water fountain has been decided, in our case, it will be well centered on a wall. We make a ditch in the ground to pass the water conduction.

Step 2

We remove the tap, present the fountain on the wall and mark the two lower fixing points to the wall and another for connection or passage of the hose.

Step 3

Next, we drill the holes for which we will use the hammer and a drill bit for concrete.

 Step 4

In the next step, we have to enlarge the hose connection hole with a flat chisel.

Step 5

As we need a tube from the source to the back of the wall, we cut it to size and place the fitting or compression mechanical connection piece at one end with joint tape. We join the fitting to the source.

Step 6

We put mass (cement glue) in the back of the Chicago fountain. Introduce the tube in the connection hole, and place it against the wall in its corresponding position.

Step 7

We fix the artificial stone Chicago fountain to the wall with some lag screws and tighten it with a ratchet wrench with a Tors tip. Finish off the union joints between the fountain and the wall with cement glue.

Step 8

In the next step, we cover the lag screws with water-resistant repair putty. We assemble the pieces of the water conduction: we join the water tube with the one that comes from the source with an elbow.

Step 9

We now focus on the final section of the installation: we fix the pipe to the wall with some plastic clamps and put the union connection between the pipe and the water inlet. We put plastic tape on the metal and plastic threads to ensure tightness. We tighten with a fixed wrench.

Step 10

We place the tap with a sealing product for metal joints and finish the work by checking that the installation does not have leaks and works correctly. Finally, we cover the trench with dirt.

Place a Chicago water fountain at the entrance of the house

The entrance of the house is also the entrance of the vital energy Chi, the place where this energy is received and distributed to nourish your home.

The water fountain at the entrance will activate that Chi energy so that it is distributed throughout the house.

In addition, a Chicago fountain near the main entrance directs the energy into your home in a slow and undulating way, giving a feeling of peace and well-being to anyone who invites them to enter.

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