Glass Wall Fountain: Things to Keep in Mind

Glass Wall Fountain: Things to Keep in Mind

Glass wall fountain for indoor use consist highly decorative elements that add a touch of elegance and relaxation to the environment. We know that there are many curtain waterfall models that you can find at Midwest Tropical, and there are so many that it will surely be quite tricky for you to choose the one that best suits your home and your tastes.

This is why; it is always challenging to choose the best glass wall fountain. This is basically because these sources are made up of many elements that must always be taken into consideration when we want to have the best source of water at our place. On some occasions, we have talked to you about indoor DIY Bubble Wall.

We love the Curtain Waterfall since it is such a precious element with water that gives life and joy to our rooms. The truth is glass wall fountain, DIY Bubble Wall or curtain waterfall all look great. However, there are several things to keep in mind.

To begin, we must look at the material.

This point is vital because the glass wall fountain made with 100% natural materials are beautiful and provide energetic properties to the environments. Thus, we can choose DIY Bubble Wall sources made from clay, stone, or even bamboo canes.

Although we recommend the first ones, the truth is that their price is higher than the sources made with silicones or plastics. So, if we want to save money, we can opt for the latter. Still, knowing that their maintenance can be a bit more expensive since they are generally less durable materials, at this point, it is necessary to talk about care.

Curtain Waterfall with natural materials is indeed more grateful in this sense. It is essential to pay attention to aspects such as water; if we want it to be clean and sharp, we must keep it away from the direct action of the sun’s rays and make sure that the engine works perfectly. If there is a constant movement, we can prevent the water from stagnating and turning green. If we want a little extra help, we can choose to place some kind of filter on the source.

Finally, we recommend that the motor of the indoor Curtain Waterfall fountain must be one of those that are connected to the light. Why? Well, because although batteries seem more comfortable to us, the truth is that they can be much more expensive in the long run. In addition, the intensity of the motor will be lower, and therefore, the relaxing noise of our small waterfall is much less perceptible.

How to Build a Container Garden Using a Water Fountain

Container gardens are helpful for small spaces or growing small water gardens in any home garden. Container gardens can use a variety of potential containers, including a water feature. Curtain Waterfall container gardens are an impressive addition to any garden by adding the elegance of aquatic plants to the beautiful sound of fountain water. Specifics will vary based on the plants and fountain used, but you can generally build a container garden with a water fountain.


  • Set up the water source. The water source should have at least a few inches of water available. Deeper water is preferable to some aquatic plants, such as water lilies, but many aquatic plants only need a few inches of water.
  • Set the fountain in an area that gets about 4 to 5 hours of sunshine a day.
  • Place the aquatic plants in the Glass Wall Fountain.
  • Make sure the plants are added to the fountain area where the water is still and not to places where the water is constantly moving.
  • Add appropriate fertilizers for aquatic plants. These can be purchased at any plant supply store or any store that sells aquatic plants. Avoid fertilizers used on regular ground plants and choose one that is made specifically for water plants.
  • Add water if necessary. Water should be added whenever it starts to evaporate.
  • Clean fountain pump and fountain as necessary to prevent algae build-up.
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