Your Guide to Bubble Walls

Your Guide to Bubble WallsThere’s no limit to the human mind’s creativity, especially when equipped with the current technological advancements. A field that has undergone a dramatic shift in perspective is that of interior design. Not only are there more original pieces and one-of-a-kind ideas, but everyone is looking to do more with less. Bubble walls are features that take a page out of the minimalism notebook and elevate any interior aesthetics for far-reaching results.

If you wish to add a hint of elegance and tranquility to your commercial space or office, then bubble walls are the way to go. Available in all imaginable shapes, sizes, and colors, Midwest Tropical’s bubble walls are set to pave the way to new age designing concepts that are predicted to last well into the next century.

How is a bubble wall designed?

Consisting of a transparent panel, a bubble wall showcases a resplendent underwater environment. The said panel is made from acrylic and is quite similar to an aquarium tank. Clear tubes run along the bubble wall are connected to a concealed motor that pumps bubbles through them, creating a mesmerizing flow.

The versatility of bubble walls is incomparable to any other decoration fixture, which can only be suitable for a particular theme and grows old quickly. You can opt for floor standing, interior window fountains, and wall hanging bubble walls that can add a striking focal point to a room.

The multi-purpose-ness of bubble walls

Many businesses are now choosing bubble walls after getting to know their adaptability in any environment. Any business can practically use bubble walls as room dividers, walls and alternate to bland artwork and glass vases. They also carry an edge over artificial plants and aquariums because if you think about it, how long can one stare at a plant? But bubble walls instantly capture attention and hold it for several hours and never waver in this ambition. They don’t spill; they can be customized to your liking and make a lasting impression on anyone who walks through your door.

Take note of some of the most popular locations where bubble walls may prove useful:

  • Restaurants: the interior decor of restaurants is far and varied, which makes them the perfect setting for a bubble wall. Bubble walls can take any vibe and mood from a casual dining spot to romantic and dining establishments. The speed and the light of the bubbles can be adjusted to match the spirit of the place and can take the dining experience to an altogether different level.
  • Corporate offices: most companies like to showcase their brand authority and originality with luxurious, stylish, and woke interior designs that often don’t result as desired. However, bubble walls can be customized to evoke grandeur and subtle class that are alluring and unique modern art pieces. The modernity of bubble walls is much more applicable to current interior design trends because of their up class modern look and feel.
  • Spas and salon: even thinking of a day of indulgence is enough to induce relaxation, but bubble walls take this a step further and emanate aesthetically pleasing surroundings complete with water’s natural feel. Bubble walls are soundless, but their effect is pivotal for inducing calmness, and the accentuation with colored lights is the perfect cherry on top.

Midwest Tropical’s bubble walls can take on any art piece any day and are guaranteed to complete your interior design effortlessly. Spruce up your property and enhance its commercial value by showcasing your refined and polished taste with a phenomenal bubble wall.

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