FengShui Custom Waterfalls Tips

FengShui always has a part that connects us directly with nature, using plants and other related elements, help us achieve excellent results, water is one of those elements.One of the keys to work and harmonize with FengShui is directly related to the five elements and their different cycles. With them, we attract good energy.

Custom waterfalls, interior water wall helps us improve the energy in our house, harmonize it, and generate what is called “energy in motion”, which when located in the right place. We can assure you that it gives excellent results.

Why use a water wall interior?

A good reason to use a water wall interior is that when it is in a motion simulating a small waterfall, it generates negative ions that are very beneficial to improve the air and influence our mood. Together with the salt lamps, the benefit is double.

One of the most popular fengshui cures is the “fengshui water fountains” or “zen fountains”.

Fengshui custom waterfalls, also known as “Zen fountains, ” represent money flow, so they are excellent precisely for “attracting money”.

So, how can you miss out on water wall interior?

The supremacy of moving water is a renovation towards new life.  An interior water wall must always be well located, clean and with moving water.This can help us attract a lot of abundance, wealth and prosperity to our life, if you also like the sound of flowing water, you can generate a unique environment, although there are some things to keep in mind:

Is it mandatory to place a Haga fountain to do good FengShui?

Logically No, especially if you are one of those people who does not like water fountains, cannot stand the noise of the water falling or any other reason, if you do not like them, you can generate the water element in many other ways through decoration, colors, textures, pictures, objects.

Do I have to use the water wall interior?

Yes! Also, think about something. A stopped source is like stopping time. That is, the room’s energy stays “still”, don’t we want prosperity and abundance to move? Well, you know, start your water source or give it to whoever is going to use it.

Where to place a water wall interior?

This is the most important part of all; there are favorable rooms and others that are not to place an interior water wall, as well as there are Bagua areas where you can have them and where you should not.

Depending on the size of your house, we would tell you that preserve the custom waterfalls indoors.

There should not be more than one custom waterfall per floor, except for very large houses. If you later have a large terrace or garden, you can also play with the water sources.

Favorable stays for a water wall interior

Let’s first focus on the interior of the house. Moving water is always recommended in the most beneficial places and those most used rooms if we talk about a fengshui house.

  • Lounge or living room
  • Entrance and hall
  • Hallways
  • Dining rooms
  • Dispatches
  • Games rooms, study, etc.

Should I have any precautions?

  • Yes, any interior water wall must be in motion regularly. For this, you can use something as simple as a programmer to run during certain hours of the day.
  • Make sure it has enough water. With the movement and the temperature of the room, it evaporates, and if it starts without water, it will break down, and the motor will burn out.
  • The water must always be clean, stagnant or dirty water is very negative energy for the Bagua area where you have placed it, so if you must take care of it.
  • You should also choose the place where you will place your Zen fountain since the water splashes and can damage the furniture it is in or damage an electrical appliance if you have not been careful to leave space.
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