Design Tips: Make A Splash With The Area Around Your Water Wall

Design Tips: Make A Splash With The Area Around Your Water Wall

Whether it’s set in a hotel lobby, an office complex, a spa or a restaurant, a wall-mounted water feature can add wonderful tranquility and ambiance. It can also fall short. What makes the difference? Simply put, it’s how you incorporate your water wall design into the rest of your space. Add a water feature without much thought, and you risk creating a clunky, disjointed impression. Choose to be intentional about how you work the water wall into your overall decorating, however, and you can maximize its appeal.

To make sure your wall-mounted water feature becomes a complementary — rather than detracting — component, here are some important tips to keep in mind:

Hide any electrical cords.  Part of the appeal of a water wall design is how it mimics the look of cascading water found in nature, despite being inside an office or lobby setting. To continue the illusion and enhance your water wall’s appeal, find ways to hide the cord(s) from sight. How? One option is to install an outlet behind the water wall. Another route is to try cable covers to camouflage the look of cords coming from the piece. You could also strategically arrange other design elements, from chairs to artwork, to conceal the cords. In any case, don’t ignore this seemingly small aesthetic issue; it can make a big difference.

Use complementary decorating.  Keep in mind that a water wall is a feature piece, something to which you want to call attention and celebrate. With that in mind, there are several water wall ideas to help you enhance the fountain. Chief among them is complementary decorating. Use your water wall as inspiration for Zen-like design, for example, bringing in fresh plants and soothing natural colors. Choose furniture pieces that mimic your water wall’s modern look and clean lines. By viewing your water wall as a key part of your decorating scheme, you can better use it to create a cohesive feel for your space.

Be intentional about color selection for the fountain.  One of the coolest parts of an indoor water wall is its ability to light the waters with your choice of colors. Through built-in LED lighting, it can illuminate its flowing waters in hues that match the color scheme of your business. To make sure your lighting provides maximum value, choose colors that fit your environment. If you have a lot of purple and blue in your lobby, use those hues. If your design is more muted with browns and greens, work earth tones into your feature.

It doesn’t matter if you’re talking about a medical waiting room or an office complex’s atrium, water walls can be fantastic assets! If you’re interested in learning more about our custom water walls and how they can complement the aesthetics of your commercial location, get in touch with Midwest Tropical today!

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