Water Feature Inside The House Draw Abundance

Water Feature Inside The House Draw Abundance

Why place a water feature inside the house? The house’s entrance is also the entrance of the vital energy Chi- the place where this energy is received and distributed to nourish your home.

The water feature wall indoor at the entrance will activate that Chi energy to distribute throughout the house. In addition, water feature walls near the main entrance direct the energy into your home in a slow and undulating way, giving a feeling of peace and well-being to anyone who invites them to enter.

Tip1: Never place a water feature wall indoor right next to the front door, as it produces negative energy.

Tip2: If the entrance to your house is very small and you do not have space for furniture on which to place a decorative indoor fountain, you can opt for water feature wall for outdoor.

Water feature wall ideas:

Place a water feature wall indoor in the living room

The living room is one of the rooms in the house where you spend the most time and where you relax after a busy day at work.Therefore, it is also the place where you can enjoy the benefits and relaxing properties of a Feng Shui water feature inside the house more intensely and for longer.With water feature parts, you can feel the harmony of your home and recharge yourself with energy.

Tip: Use the Zen water feature wall indoor because it converts from moving energy to stagnant energy. It is one more thing that does not generate any positive energy. You can use a programmer to make sure that your water fountain does its job daily.

Place water feature wall in other rooms.

Other places in the house where Feng Shui advises moving water are those rooms where you spend more time.

  • Game room
  • Studies
  • Or passageways
  • Hallways

Where to avoid water feature wall indoor according to Feng Shui

  • The water feature wall indoor should never be placed in the South area of ​​the Bagua map. According to Feng Shui, the fire element should dominate this area, which represents fame and reputation.By introducing a Zen water feature wall indoor, you incorporate the water element into the fire element, and you create a conflict of energies (water extinguishes fire).
  • It is advisable to avoid decorative water feature walls in the bedroom, except on rare occasions, because it could affect your rest.
  • The water element is believed to attract negative energy in the form of worry in the bedroom.
  • If you do not know what to do, and you can afford it, the idea is that you have the help of a Feng Shui expert to get rid of doubts.
  • In the kitchen and bathroom, you should avoid water feature wall indoor at all costs. In both cases, the predominant element is water (in the case of the kitchen and the fire element), so putting a Zen fountain in these two areas of the house would create an imbalance due to the excess energy of this element.

Tip: For safety, do not place the Zen water feature wall indoor near electrical appliances, such as a television or a stereo.

3 tips to keep in mind before buying decorative water feature online

  1. Apart from purifying the environment, the sound of a water feature produces peace and tranquility and connects you with nature. Since in a city, it is difficult to connect with our essence and our mind and body notice it and take their toll on us.
  2. Your small water feature online mustn’t make much noise because it can become unpleasant and does not splash.
  3. Otherwise, all the peace you are looking for will come out the window when the water feature comes through the door (you get the point).

Number of Feng Shui water feature walls

  • If you live in an apartment, it is not advisable to have more than one water feature walls.
  • If you live in a house, you can only have one per floor.

Decorative elements of the Feng Shui font

Increase the energy of the water feature wall by choosing one that bears the figure of the Buddha or a dragon.These elements enhance Chi’s energy and attract luck, abundance, and prosperity. Besides being a wonderful decorative element that transmits peace, harmony, or exoticism.

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