Water feature trends that are getting stronger

Water feature trends that are getting stronger

The fact that water features have survived over the centuries says a lot about their ability to adjust to any surroundings. A growing number of commercial properties are installing indoor water walls due to various reasons. Midwest Tropical hopes to keep up the demands of this ever-growing trend that is predicted to last forever. Technology has opened up many options, due to which water features have become the go-to option for all interior decorators. The water feature trend is bent towards certain designs that have become quite the favorite for most people. Check out these water features that are making waves (pardon the pun!) in the world of the commercial interior.

Wall waterfalls

This type of water feature creates a cascading ripple effect that is mesmerizing and dramatic. The biggest perk of these water features is that they do not require any extensive floor space. All you need is a wall, and you™re good to go. The design and size depending on the space you have and the style statement you wish to execute. This water effect is captivating and looks classic, sophisticated while offering pleasing aesthetics.

Wall fountains

As the name implies, these wall fountains are mounted on walls creating striking styles. This water feature also needs a wall, which is the primary reason for its popularity. The freed-up space can be utilized for creating an efficient working place that also enjoys the pleasing effects of a customized water feature. Instead of looking for the conventional items that are a dime a dozen with no guarantee of being an original, choose a water feature that will never grow old and be just as authentic as your brand.

Bubble walls

A technological marvel, the bubble walls are seeing an impressive rise in demand that is predicted to only grow further over the next few years. The technology has allowed water features like bubble walls to be fully customized according to your specifications and can be used for various purposes apart from decorative. Many restaurateurs opt to use bubble walls as partitions or noise reducers; health clinics use them to keep the waiting area calm and quiet, while many business premises use them to fill empty wall space. The possibilities are endless!

Tabletop fountains

Tabletop fountains are another favorite that is smaller than all other water features such as water walls and fountains. As the name suggests, they only require a table and is ideal for office spaces where something extravagant doesn™t seem appropriate. Tabletop fountains are ideally suited for people that want to inculcate natural elements into their hectic lives while also having the option of sprucing up the place effortlessly. They are quick and convenient to set up and can be tailored according to your requirements. The design, color, and material used can be made to blend in well with the existing decor making the water feature an excellent extension of the theme.

Midwest Tropical has an eclectic collection of pre-fabricated water features and wall waterfalls, but if you want it to have your signature, then customizing it is the way to go. If you wish to make your business premises stand out from the crowd and exude subtle vibes of class and modernity, then water features have the ability to do it all. You can also use the customization option to promote your business, as water features are something that people tend to remember for a long time. You can never go wrong with customized water features, so take the leap and get in on the trend while it™s still hot.

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