Custom Indoor Water Feature Ideas for a Retail Space

Custom Indoor Water Feature Ideas for a Retail Space

Retail outlets are the business hub where people come for a lot more than just a pleasant buying experience. A retail stores interior design plays a pivotal role in delivering the stakeholders promised expectations from the project. Custom indoor water features offer a natural focal point within a retail landscape environment. Midwest Tropical has many options that can be customized according to your requirements and bring forth the bold style statement that puts you in a class of your own.

In order to achieve all your architecture goals and ambitions, you must do something that sets you miles apart from the usual crowd. A water feature can do all that for you and much more, depending on your design and location choice. There are many fixtures that can bring about the desired effect, from small tabletop fountains to grand rain curtains that reach from the floor to the ceiling.

Its crucial to figure out your purpose before designing a water feature. For example:

  • Dramatic rain walls: these should be visible from a distance and designed to be virtually splash-less
  • Reflections: avoid plants that would block from the main viewpoint of the striking water feature
  • Style: design a feature that blends or complements the existing theme; a modernistic theme will benefit from a modern feature style, and so on
  • Indoors: keep in mind the water quality and humidity when installing an indoor water feature
  • Proportion: anything too big or too small will seem out of place and render your efforts moot
  • Position: the location of the water feature impacts its effects significantly

After you have thoroughly contemplated all aspects of design, its time to choose a water feature that falls perfectly into your checklist.

Think about Indoor Waterfalls

Imagine a waterfall in your retails space, which has actually become quite trendy in the last few years. You can go as extravagant or as obtuse as you want and select a bespoke design from Midwest Tropical that can be custom made to fit your exact specifications.

Create your own Zen with indoor fountains

Everyone can use a bit of Zen to enhance the shopping experience and make a lasting impression. A convenient way of adding Zen is to a water fountain that comes with remote and colored lights. Depending on the vibe youre looking to set for your retail space, it can be the archetypal addition that was missing.

Then there are Rain walls!

The cascading walls of water imitate the rain effect can be yours if thats what you wish. The rain walls require minimal space and usually can make do of an empty wall. You can use this feature as a room divider or partition that allows you to portion your space with an innovative idea instead of the usual drab walls.

Use windows to place subtle water features

Water features dont have to be huge ordeals. You can use your windows with a simple tabletop fountain that uses a decorative jug. The main element is the positioning by the window. This allows you more freedom to use the floor space while still utilizing natural light to highlight the beauty of this awe-inspiring feature.

Custom water features by Midwest Tropical can transform any retail space into one from the future merely by accentuating the existing decor. Instead of going for the run of the mill art pieces or aquariums that grow old quickly, opt for water features that have been attracting the human race since the dawn of time and will most probably continue to do so for a long time coming.

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