Easy Ways To Enhance Your New Yoga Studio

Easy Ways To Enhance Your New Yoga Studio

A yoga studio is a place of health, serenity and peace for all who enter. However, creating a calming atmosphere in your new yoga studio may not be so stress-free. You want everything to be perfect for your guests, but you may not know exactly where to start. The following are a few ways to enhance your yoga studio, so it’s inviting and rejuvenating for all of your guests.

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  • Let the light in — Natural light is one of the best ways to brighten your studio while reducing the amount of light you need to use from less inviting LED bulbs. This is important to keep in mind when choosing a studio space, because you may not be able to add windows after you sign a lease agreement. If you’re already in your forever studio, be careful not to block windows with curtains or shades unless you’re purposely darkening the room for a meditation session.
  • Choose colors wisely — Soft colors reduce stress while bright colors can heighten it. It’s best to avoid bright reds, oranges and yellows, opting instead for a calm gray, light blue or natural beige. Variety isn’t frowned upon, so feel free to use different calming colors for different spaces in your studio.
  • Quality yoga accessories — As much as the atmosphere in your studio matters, all of your visitors are there to do one thing — practice yoga. That’s why it’s essential to provide quality yoga accessories. Many practitioners will bring their own mats, but it’s also important to have a supply of good ones on hand. Always offer quality towels, blocks and other accessories to assist clients who may need a little extra help to reach difficult positions. And always keep cloths and spray bottles with cleanser in the room, so you and your practitioners can clean their mats and accessories as needed. 
  • Personal space — Yoga studios aren’t typically as roomy as traditional workout spaces, so spacious locker rooms and changing areas aren’t common. However, you can create personal space for each of your clients by offering plenty of hooks, cubbies or lockers in the entryway. This space lets them leave their jackets, keys, shoes and other accessories in a safe, organized place while they practice. The reduction of clutter will also make your space less distracting. 
  • Custom water feature — Water elements are calming and can help your guests transition from the stresses of daily life to a more peaceful state. A water feature in the entryway can feature your yoga studio’s name for additional branding or smaller features can be placed in individual rooms for superior mediation and relaxation. A quality custom water feature will set your studio apart from the others in town and exude an air of success.
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