Which Indoor Water Features are Best for a Restaurant?

Which Indoor Water Features are Best for a Restaurant?,

Apart from the culinary wares a restaurant has to offer, the atmosphere and ambiance are central to its success. Even with the best chef at your disposal, it would be a struggle to achieve success with an atmosphere that fails to attract visitors – which are a restaurants major stakeholders. The challenge to create such an environment is just as critical as producing unique, delicious food. But you can achieve a natural, fresh atmosphere with indoor water features from Midwest Tropical without going overboard.

The trend of water features was introduced in restaurants during the 80s with aquariums. This helped in transforming the image of the restaurant into a living breathing part of the natural cycle. With technological advancements, you can customize your water feature in accordance with the rest of your theme and establish a natural look without being passe. Many restaurants have installed indoor fountains and bubble walls to bring elegance and tranquility to the environment. You can choose from a variety of dynamic options, including these most popular ones.

Glass Water walls

Most glass fountains can be used as room dividers or partition that allow you to view equally from both sides. Though water slides down on one side, it creates the illusion of trickling through both sides when using a transparent sheet of glass.  You can choose from a plethora of options, from frame colors to sizes that match your decor and fit your space. The glass water walls can be framed in natural copper, stainless steel, or wood to create distinct and upscale impressions.

Stone or Slate fountains

For the more rustic vibes, a stone or slate fountain may be your best bet. They are mostly displayed against the wall or to create stunning backdrops. These fountains can be tailored from a variety of stone colors and styles, including marble, slate, or stacked stone. Your restaurant can exude any vibe with the use of these statement pieces. The subtle natural beauty of water features can be captured with these fountains acting as a focal point for your restaurant. The focal point is often used as a designing trick to create a conversational point and allows for more privacy between tables.

Bubble Walls and Panels

These indoor water features from Midwest Tropical have become the go-to option for many designing gurus. Its no wonder since bubble walls are a modern marvel where technology enables you to capture water in its essence and use it for aesthetics and overall wellness. Bubble walls often include colorful LED lighting with an entertaining and fun visual effect. Apart from the breathtaking appearance, bubble walls are convenient to maintain and have a class of their own. They do not need regular cleaning or filling with water. You can choose to customize your bubble wall with your business logo, and it can be used as an advertising tool. Find one that merges your style and reflects your business ideology. Remember that theyre not just decor pieces but hold the secret to unimaginable success.

Water walls are subtle enough that they dont distract but rather stimulate the surroundings. Your food will be exceedingly complemented by customized water features that have the ability to attract all lifestyles, ages, personalities, and tastes. The enticing style statement will set you in a class of your own and reflect dramatically on the kind of ship you run. If you want to be a known master in your field, then take advantage of these miraculous inventions and bring man and nature closer together while relishing in what they love the most: eating mouth-watering food!

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