Glass Water Wall Fountain How To Make An Indoor Glass Fountain Wall

Are you in search of an indoor water feature like our glass water wall fountain? Lets share how to build a glass water wall fountain?

So, why should you get a glass water wall fountain or a water bubble light?

A glass water wall fountain brings serenity to any space. The soothing sound of water on a glass fountain wall helps create a calm atmosphere in a room. You can make a glass water bubble light that looks like rain running on a window panel. The translucent colors of the glass paint add an interesting design element to this fountain. Consider decorating a hallway, bedroom, or sunroom with a DIY glass water wall fountain.

Instructions: How to build a glass fountain wall at home

Step 1

Seal the drainage opening of the planter with silicone sealant.

Step 2

Mark a line across the width of the glass 6 inches (15 cm) from one end.

Step 3

Lay the abstract design faces up on a flat surface. Put the glass plate on the pattern. The bottom 6 inches (15 cm) of the width should not be painted.

Step 4

Trace the outlines of the design on the self-adhesive lead glass. You can also paint an image on the stained glass window, but the design of the image must be reversed. You will be painting on the back of the glass but viewing the painting from the front. Abstract designs similar to real stained glass are suitable for this project. You don’t need a pattern. You can place the lead strips in a free pattern to separate the color blocks.

Step 5

Fill in the gaps inside the lead strips with stained glass paint. These are applied directly from the container without a brush. If bubbles form on the surface, break them up with a toothpick. Let the paint dry completely.

Step 6

Glue the edges of two bricks to the front of the glass, below the 6-inch (15 cm) mark, with waterproof construction adhesive. The bottom of the bricks should line up with the bottom of the glass. When the adhesive dries, turn the glass over and glue the other two bricks in the same way. The bricks will be a support for the glass water wall fountain. Let the adhesive dry.

Step 7

Apply waterproof construction adhesive to the bottom of all four bricks. Place the bricks and painted glass in the center of the planter”the side where you painted inside out. Let the adhesive dry completely.

Step 8

Cut a 4 1/2 foot (1.35 m) strip of plastic tubing. Tape one end of the tube to the edge or corner of the glass so that the tube is facing down at an angle. Run the tube through the back of the painted glass.

Step 9

Attach the open end of the plastic tubing to the pump spout. Place the pump inside the planter. Run the power cord over the side of the planter, behind the painted glass.

Step 10

Disguise the bricks and the bomb with decorative stones. Fill the pot with water.

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