3 Amazing Ideas for your Water Bubble Panel

3 Amazing Ideas for your Water Bubble Panel

The latest sensation causing ripples in the world of interior design is the most sought-after, coveted bubble wall. A bubble wall uses a motor to pump air through some plastic tubes where it is evenly distributed across the surface to generate bubbles. This sensory art piece is a treat and leaves a lasting-imprint equally on one and all. A water bubble panel that forms an integral part of a bubble wall can be used in many ways to showcase your brand logo and company values. Midwest Tropical deals with many customization options that can elevate your aesthetics and inspire others when it comes to innovation and creativity.

Where and how can you install bubble walls?

Bubble walls are distinct fixtures that are versatile (in their ability to be incorporated in any environment) and elevate the desired levels’ ambiance. Some of the places where bubble walls can be used:

  • In restaurants and bars, to exude cool vibes and elegance, they can be used as isolated decoration pieces or used as walls and room dividers
  • Using a custom waterfall in a hotel lobby or waiting area provides a focal point instead of an empty space that may invoke unwelcoming feelings
  • In spas and salons, bubble walls can be ideal advertisement tools with the brand logo etched on the panel that speaks volumes before people get a chance to gush about your services.

How to use bubble walls?

The acrylic panel in bubble walls can be used in many ways to bring about the most favorable outcomes.

  1. Incorporate it into a wall opening

Some of the bubble walls come with transparent panels on both sides that give a striking effect when installed into a wall opening. The result is spectacular, and the originality is inspiring. This saves you from going through the trouble of searching high and low for a suitable decoration item to fill the space. You end up with something exclusive and original that no other interior space can boast. Using colored lights to accentuate the surrounding is an exemplary icing on the cake.

  1. Frame it!

Another way to customize your water bubble panel is to place it in a stand or a frame. The frame can be of your choice being as abstract or modern as you wish. The frames can be of any size and shape that fit well into your chosen space so that you end up with a better than envisioned effect. The frames can be positioned on any wall or can be free-standing to fill up empty floor space. This reduces the search for any viable space making use of whatever you have available.

  1. Add a custom logo

The use of bubble walls as a means to advertise your brand logo is one for the books. Not only is it easy to do, but it makes your bubble wall an original and highlights your tenacity for futuristic and avant-garde concepts that transcend your business practices and spills into your interior decor. It also allows you a trendy method to create awareness about your company with just the right tinge of hullabaloo.

Midwest Tropical holds the key to your bubble wall dreams and custom waterfalls. Don’t hold back and dare to think big with us by your side. Bubble walls are new-age wonders that are nothing less than magic. If you’re looking to create brassy style statements, then this is the route to take since nothing else comes close to pulling off the same effect with such minimal efforts.


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