Why Water Walls Are Popular

Why Water Walls Are Popular

Any business that’s looking for an eye-catching water feature to enhance and create ambiance in its facilities will benefit from a water wall fountain. With an indoor water wall, you gain all the tranquility of a peaceful water fountain, but with none of the upkeep of a typical water feature. Water walls are simple to install, easy to maintain and work beautifully in offices, reception areas, atriums, lobbies, etc.

Curious to learn more about water wall features and why they’re so popular today? Here’s a look at what you need to know.

What Is a Water Wall?

If you’re not already familiar with water walls, here’s the basic idea: An enclosed and sometimes embellished wall contains water jets that shoot water downward, creating the feel of a fountain. In a water wall, the water falls artistically, straight onto rocks or a wading pool. Water walls are quiet, peaceful and even therapeutic — offering a relaxing sight with the natural tranquility of flowing water.

Benefits of Water Wall Design

Whether they’re placed in hotel lobbies or medical waiting areas, water walls instantly calm and add ambiance to their environments.

Consider some of the other benefits water walls provide businesses:

• Memorable, beautiful sights and sounds of flowing water
• Natural tranquility
• None of the hassles of traditional water features
• Options for LED lighting to illuminate the water
• Easy installation and upkeep
• Low energy consumption, especially compared to other water features
• Versatility of use

Because they offer myriad advantages, it’s no wonder water walls are so popular today, appearing in everything from office complexes to tourism destinations. Essentially, any environment in which you serve customers, greet guests or otherwise want to put people at ease can benefit from the beauty and serenity of a water wall design. Plus, today’s designs can be branded or otherwise customized to your facility, letting you feature your business name or message directly on the wall.

Buying a Water Wall From Midwest Tropical

Since our founding in 1977, Midwest Tropical has been a family-owned business committed to delivering quality products — and we only keep evolving. We have a full team of craftsmen and designers who are skilled at working with stainless steel, copper, other metals, acrylic, glass, stone, tile and more. We build water walls to fit our clients’ needs, typically including LED lighting, whether you go with a sealed and enclosed system or an open design. Go ahead and think big, too — we will custom build a water wall of any size. If you have a multi-story lobby or atrium, for instance, we’ll just scale up and add that much more beauty. We’d also love to work with you on the creative custom design that you have in mind. When you’re looking to complete the look of your facility, come to us! Clients today choose us for the kind of innovative, beautiful products that make their facilities stand out.

Are you interested in adding a water wall to your facility, or curious about the possibilities we offer at Midwest Tropical? Visit our Water Walls page today to learn more. Then, talk to us about customizing a water wall to your business!

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