The Difference between Bubble Wall & Bubble Panel

Bubble wall

Confused between a bubble wall and a bubble panel? Don™t know the exact purposes of both? Don™t worry, Midwest tropical will help you out. Main reason behind this confusion is that these two terms are interchangeably used in conversation, and generally over the internet. So, it becomes relatively difficult to differentiate. Knowing the difference is imperative to correctly identify bubble wall and a panel and avoid confusions when getting one for your home, office, or any other place.

Understanding How This Is Done

In order to completely understand the difference, one needs to know the process through which a bubble wall is created. As bubble wall is the finished product that you see and love. Understanding its manufacturing process will guide you in understanding all there is to know about bubble panels and bubble walls. Midwest tropical makes sure that only the best of the best materials are used so that quality is assured. We take special care in ensuring reliability and effectiveness of the materials that are used to bring you a product that will add serenity and peace to your life.

Exploring Each Part

A bubble wall is made up of bubble aerators, frames, LED lighting, and acrylic tanks. Each playing a part in combination with the other parts. There is nothing more important than a tank where the bubbles are produced. Midwest tropical goes leaps and beyond to guarantee customer satisfaction. These acrylic tanks are comprised of an acrylic sheet unparalleled in strength and Ultraviolet resistance, made to add beauty to your homes and workplaces, today and forever. The production of bubbles by bubble aerator is focused in a unique way. It is made sure that the bubble aerator should be long lasting and must be resistant to corrosion, so that you may enjoy it without worrying every other day. In addition to this, aerators that are installed are removable, so that they can be taken out for maintenance or when needed, can be easily replaced. Midwest Tropical uses the best in business technology to ensure marvelous and brilliant lighting effects for our customers. We use LED lighting for our products which provides an efficient, enhanced performance, and a low-voltage-use solution rather than expensive and low performance alternatives. You are your own boss with the control of this panel in your hands now. A wireless remote control is provided to you which shall, on your command, change light colors as many times as you like. The use of all these features leads to a very low to no heat production, a rather low operation cost, and magnificent light output. You can even change the patterns of this lighting. There are more varieties to choose from than you think. The pattern can either be set to fade, jump, color change or a combination of all of this.

Looking for a Custom bubble wall?

As for bubble panels, they are just a part of the complete system that is the bubble wall. Bubble panels, made from an acrylic sheet, are the piece through which you are able to see the flow of bubbles that is so peaceful to watch and experience. At Midwest tropical, you have the freedom to customize the bubble wall too. If you want your logo to be present, we can do that for you. A custom bubble wall is now in your reach. With the help of the laser, graphic is etched onto the bubble panel. Thus, providing you with something that appears unique and beautiful, every time someone looks at it. When ordering a custom bubble wall with us, you don™t need to worry. Just call us at Midwest tropical, and we™ll take care of the rest.

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