Revamp your Commercial Property with a Logo Bubble Panel

Revamp your Commercial Property with a Logo Bubble Panel

Something about the sound and sight of water bubbles makes everyone feel at peace and welcomed. No matter how apprehensive one maybe while coming for a meeting or a much-desired collaboration, the sight of a bubble wall will offer a stamp of approval to conduct business with such a brand. A brand that has put a lot of thought behind its visual aesthetics surely puts the same foot forward when dealing with prospective clients. Midwest Tropical has many customization options that can make your bubble panel a one-off and exclusive to your organization.

As a business owner, you want your interiors to reflect your style of work ethic and make a statement while at it. With your company logo etched on a futuristic-looking bubble wall, you can do both. It also creates the perfect focal feature in your entryway that exudes sophistication while assuring the clientele that you mean business and intend to provide them with the highest quality service.

Customization Options

A bubble wall can be customized in any way you desire since it comes in different styles, sizes, and materials. The bubble panel is made of high impact and a UV-resistant acrylic sheet destined to last for decades. These acrylic panels are lightweight and durable. It is upon these panels that your company logo is etched using a laser. The water bubble wall is a thing of mesmerizing beauty that holds allure for everyone alike. Just imagine how your logo would look behind a wall of flowing bubbles.

You can choose to have a bubble wall that™s installed in a frame or installed into a wall opening, depending on the available space in your corporate premises. The bubble walls are sealed for minimal maintenance, which means that all you have to do once it™s installed is sit back and watch it work its magic on everyone who walks through your door.

Remember to focus on the surrounding light as well when thinking of installing a bubble wall. Also, choose a style that fits in well with your existing decor and complements it by adding a tinge of class to the place. The bubble wall will create a lasting impression on visitors, where your logo will most likely be imprinted on their minds forever.

The Versatility of Bubble Walls

Whether your tastes prefer minimalism or a more eye-catching display, the bubble wall can be tailored to fit into your vision with ease. The many colors, styles and sizes make it possible to blend in well with any theme and decor. Depending on the type of architectural statement you™re looking to execute, it can exude subtle modernistic vibes or much bolder show stoppers that every eye rests upon.

The color of LED lighting is pivotal to the type of effect you™re looking for while remaining safely within the voltage limit with no risk of over-heating. It™s essential to have peace of mind while manifesting your vision of the corporate workplace. This is your place of business, which is going to bring you success, and there shouldn™t be anything standing in its way. Except, of course, bubble walls!

Since everyone is looking for something unique yet authentic, here™s your chance to make something solely yours with bubble walls. Midwest Tropical has something for everyone, and with the customization options, you can create something that reflects your personality and brand identity. This way, people relate to you before they get a chance to do business with you, and this first impression should be the one that lasts forever.

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