Are water features perfect for limited spaces?

Are water features perfect for limited spaces?

What image pops into your mind when thinking of an indoor water feature? Some massive, brilliant piece of art? Or perhaps you envision something you saw in a magazine with a business logo on it. It’s quite natural to fall in love with these striking pieces and want one for your place of business. But are you concerned about space limitations? Worry not, since Midwest Tropical has the answer to all your space troubles. Consider installing an interior wall waterfall since these water features are designed to consume minimal floor space. In fact, with wall fountains, you don’t need any floor space. All you need is a wall!

Water features are not only for vast unlimited spaces since their beauty is equally enthralling to everyone alike; there are options available for everyone. Whether it’s a tiny waiting room in a dentist’s office or a spacious lobby in a hotel; indoor water features’ flexibility has evolved, thanks to technology.

You may be surprised to find water features that are ideally suited to smaller spaces with incredible customization options.

Range of sizes

A mere internet search will show you that water features exist in all shapes and sizes, from tabletop fountains to extravagant rain curtains that extend from the floor to the ceiling. In fact, many people prefer the smaller sized fountains and wall-mounted ones to exude subtle charm and class. The vertical design of the waterfall also adds an illusion of height to any interior space. A water wall interior can transform your bland space into one of excitement and enthrallment. It also gives a chance to imprint your signature style in your place of business where people get an idea about you and the experience they are going to have before they meet you.

Requires no floor space

You might think that a waterfall will require a lot of floor space when the opposite is true. Wall-mounted waterfalls take up zero floor space, which means you could have a functional working floor and a water feature in a single location. This makes them the best art pieces for which you won’t have to move any furniture around or move any shelves or cabinets. Another added benefit of a wall waterfall is that there’s no risk of becoming a hurdle to the traffic. It allows free-flowing foot traffic that means no safety hazard but instead one spectacular architectural statement in place for all to revel in.

Makes space appear larger

Choosing the right interior wall waterfall can make all the difference in tricking the mind into thinking that space is actually significantly bigger than it really is. This cannot be said for other water features that require floor space but having one installed on a wall means that there is no need to shuffle stuff to make a place for it. Your room can remain as it is while transforming it into one of the pages from those magazines that held so much attraction for you. Using a mirror as the back will reflect and make space appear larger. The three-dimensional structure brings depth to the room, and if you position it near natural light, that will also enhance the effect to no end.

No matter the size, your corporate office can use a water wall interior from Midwest Tropical to exude class and elite styles. The visual is what casts the first impression long before you have a chance to prove your mettle. The water feature offers you a chance to get people in, leaving the rest up to you.

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