5 Simple Ways To Create A Welcoming Entryway For Your Business

5 Simple Ways To Create A Welcoming Entryway For Your Business

The moments after a customer steps into your office are critical. That first impression can determine whether they return to your business or choose a competitor instead. Take a moment to look around you. Does your office entryway make a good first impression?

Whatever the answer, there likely are improvements that can make your office entryway more inviting. The following are five ways to create a welcoming entry or waiting area that customers are eager to return to again and again.

    1. Choose artwork wisely — You don’t have to break the bank investing in a van Gogh, but the artwork in your entryway or waiting area tells a lot about the quality of your business. Forego posters and dated artwork for carefully chosen pieces that fit the design of the room.
    2. Keep it clean — An untidy space will be noticed within milliseconds of entering your business, so it’s important to keep messes at bay. Remove old, worn-out magazines, keep children’s toys in an organized area and replace stained furniture.
    3. Make good use of lighting — Use your available lighting, including lamps and ceiling lights, to create an airy, soft environment. Proper illumination also is essential for the safety of your customers, so be sure to offer plenty of light without overdoing it with flickering fluorescents.
    4. Add a bubble wall — A bubble wall in your firm’s entryway can immediately make a positive first impression. In addition to pleasing the eyes and ears, a beautiful, well-placed bubble wall serves as a symbol that business is good. It doesn’t hurt that they are easy to clean and maintain so you never have to worry about it looking unattractive to visitors.
    5. Offer a smile to visitors — It may not seem like an entryway fixture, but your staff is key to making a positive first impression on clients. A greeting with a smile is an absolute must and hospitable gestures make visitors feel at home in new surroundings. Ensure that your staff is always professional yet personable.

Set Your Waiting Room Apart

Walking into a new business, whether for an anticipated appointment or to do business, can be anxiety-inducing. Fortunately, there are steps you can take to make your waiting room more relaxing for your customers and colleagues.

  • Offer beverages — Welcome your clients to your waiting room with a fresh cup of coffee, water or even a light snack.
  • Choose comfortable furniture — Investing in tasteful and ergonomically designed furniture can invite your customers to relax and feel comfortable.
  • Invest in a water feature — Fountains and other water features provide the calming sights and sounds of flowing water. Installing one can go a long way toward relieving any anxiety your clients may experience.

Waiting is one of the least enjoyable parts of visiting a business, but it doesn’t have to be that way. Adding hospitable touches like comfortable furniture, complimentary coffee, proper lighting and a soothing water feature, can turn your waiting room into a place your customers enjoy visiting. 




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