Latest Waterwall Designs For 2020 And Why To Choose Them

Fountains are more traditional; that™s true! But a water wall gives a place an opposite minimalist and fresh look. Custom water walls are a fantastic piece of decor worth owning. Let™s dig in the list of a few attractive water wall designs which are setting trends in 2020.

Design 1: Wall Waterfall

Wall waterfall is the most trending feature that is sure to mesmerize your clients with its breathtaking view. You can get a custom-designed wall waterfall at your home or the workplace adding any desired feature you want. It can be a full-length feature or a part of your wall. Whether you have a tall lobby or a cozy living room, this feature could be just what your space requires. These can be installed in offices, hotels, hospital lobbies, restaurants, casinos, high-end homes, and more.

Design 2: Rain curtain water wall

Rain curtain water wall gives the most stimulating effect in any setting as the pitter-patter sound of rain excites not only a child but also an adult. It can be a standalone set in the middle of a waiting area or a curved curtain wall providing as a partition between a living and a dining room.

Design 3: Rock wall waterfall

You may give your wall a natural look by making it out of rough stones. Rock wall waterfall is a great way to bring the soothing sounds of nature into the indoor environment. They make for high indoor focal points with textured rocks which can be seen beneath the flowing water. These are usually installed in gloomy lit settings with focus lights reflecting on the wall from various directions. However, they seem equally breathtaking when placed near the ceiling to floor glass wall in the offices reflecting the daylight. This looks like a natural waterfall. This will cause clients marveling at the elegance of your office decor.

Design 4: Marble wall waterfall

When the word marble is mentioned, what comes to mind first? It is the outdoor tiered marble fountains. Marble water walls, traditionally, are used as an indoor piece in homes and workplaces. These are luxurious pieces that are commonly seen in more extensive settings. Such waterfalls are constructed over a beautiful piece of marble reflecting the different color tones and patterns of the limestone beneath. It™s a dazzling work of art that catches the attention of everyone passing by.

Design 5: Centre glass water wall

Centre glass water wall is one of the constant favourites. The wide appeal of the glass water wall makes the ideal for all kinds of settings. You can get it customized as the back wall of your bed or use as a partition wall between booths in clubs and restaurants. A center glass water wall adds a sense of mystery and wonder by just showing the shades of people behind it.

Design 6: Copper mirror water walls

Copper mirror water walls are ambience enhancing water features, making a space more comfortable and inviting. You can enjoy the natural beauty of free-flowing water in the facility of your home. It looks more appealing at the entrance or the long corridors. This type of water wall with a mirror base looks fantastic, and it seems there is much more water flowing. Integrating the piece into a pool is also a stylish idea.

Though all the water wall designs stated above are unique and mesmerizing, they cannot beat the creativity of a customized water wall. You can get any of the styles mentioned above customized according to your preference. It can be either a curve setting of rain curtain water wall or a step setting of a rock wall waterfall. The customized ones are sure to grab attention, not only for outsiders but yours too every time you pass by the lobby or your colleague™s cabin. You can even customize them by putting a family photo, your logo or business name on the wall waterfalls. If you like to add a more modern touch, you can add a sculpture or a few jets of water. These are super cool designs and crazy trending in 2020 “ and we see them making their way to 2021 too!


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