Glass Wall Waterfall Installation Guide

To add an instant appeal to your space, check out our collection of glass water feature offering attractive designs in glass wall waterfall and glass water fountain outdoor. There are 6 steps in creating a custom-made structure for a glass wall waterfall.

Step 1- What should I do to mount the glass wall waterfall?

The glass water feature can be built into a wall. For this, you have to make sure that the surface where you will place it is flat and has easy access to the water supply, either from the bottom of the back (this will depend on the option).

Drilling holes in the glass wall water fall is not recommended as water could leak out. If you want to fix the glass water feature to a metal surface, there is the option of soldering it.

Step2-Choose the water supply

The next step in creating the glass water fountain outdoor is choosing your water supply. There are two options:

  • Water supply to the waterfall from the rear
  • Water supply to the waterfall from the bottom

Step 3- Select the correct water pump.

Once you know how you are going to mount the glass water feature and what size you would like, you will need to purchase a water pump that is strong enough to give a good and consistent flow of water. The two factors are:

  • Width of the waterfall, and
  • Head (for example, head from the water pump in the waterfall).

For the left column, select the height from which you want to pump the water and then read through the table until you find the width of the glass wall waterfall. There are some recommendations of water pumps for 1 meter of depth from the pump to the waterfall.


Step 4-Creating the water pond for the glass wall waterfall.

It is a key in creating your glass wall waterfall or fountain you will want to hide the pump and hose that connects the pump to the waterfall in the water. One option is to create a hole in the ground and line it with a pond cover. We have several water ponds of different shapes and sizes. You can also choose between a plastic or stainless steel pond, depending on your taste. Do not miss our range of glass water fountain outdoor.

Stainless steel glass water fountain outdoor

Stainless steel glass water fountain outdoor are best suited for an above-ground water pond. These glass water fountains are very attractive and look great in any garden.

Plastic glass water fountain outdoor

Plastic glass water feature is much more appropriate for underground water ponds. They are also cheaper than stainless steel ponds and can be adapted to fix decorative stones to the surface.

Step 5 – The hose

The tubes coming out of the rear or bottom of the glass wall waterfall are 3.8 cm internally threaded. You can choose a threaded 25mm hose inlets that thread onto tubes for easy connection to 25mm hoses. (1 x hose inlet with 30cm and 60cm waterfalls, 2x hose inlets with 90cm waterfalls, and 3 x hose inlets with 120cm and 150cm waterfalls).

Please note that for glass wall waterfall 90cm wide or more, there is more than one tube at the back, so you will need a separate hose (2 or 3 outlets) that is included to connect the water pump to the waterfall.

Step 6 – creating modern effects

You can create some colorful lighting effects for the night using our LED submerged lights – click on the glass water feature.

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