Tips on Decorating Indoor Water Features

Tips on Decorating Indoor Water Features

Water features add instant class to any indoor space, which makes them the ultimate decoration accessory for corporate places. Whether you™re a start-up or an established company, the multitude of benefits to visual aesthetics brought forth by water features are matchless to other traditional decorating options. You can find what inspires you from Midwest Tropical and get it customized according to your existing theme and long-term purpose.

Choosing a water feature isn™t enough if you want something that reflects your style and brand. Follow these 5 tips and add some creativity to the water features making them truly your own.

# 1 Office Tranquility

Your personal office should be a place that™s conducive to productivity and innovation. This can™t happen in a noisy environment where all the outside sounds travel in, creating a hub of distraction. Try adding an indoor water fountain instead of a humidifier since it offers the same advantage but is infinitely more striking. You can use cool-toned colors to match your current decor and avoid furniture made of steel or plastic to achieve the look of class and sophistication. You can go subtle with a smaller tabletop fountain or sensational with a floor fountain. Consider replacing your television with a water feature to avoid distractions and connect with nature to enhance productivity.

# 2 Statement Piece

Wow your clientele with interior wall waterfalls featuring magical lighting, glistening metals, or customized logos. The first impression matters significantly in business. You cannot go wrong with a water feature that™s not only an apt architectural statement but doubles as an advertising tool as well. The water features are art pieces with no extra frills. Keep the surrounding decor to a minimum to give your investment a chance to shine. A floor fountain or a rain curtain is the ultimate accessory for a lobby or an entryway.

# 3 Opulence defined

Give yourself a well-deserved break and relish the finer things in life with a classic metal glistening fountain. The light reflects and shines on the metallic backing creating mesmerizing effects. Install it in an entryway with a complementing console, some matching artwork, books, plush fabric furniture, and luxe chocolates. Looks like you found the secret to make people keep coming back for more! This touch of glamour is a glimpse into another world where dreams come true, which is what you want to inspire in your clients and investors.

# 4 Office Zen

Any office floorplan can be Zen with the help of water features since they offer incredible white noise that helps concentrate on work. Watching the water is calming, and it also shows you value your employees and clients significantly. The lighting effects can be adjusted to suit different moods during the working day. Give your office spruced with a water feature that is your signature and becomes a sign of trust far and wide in the industry.

# 5 Green Room

Reconnect with your roots and build a place where anyone can take a break from hectic routines and work pressure. The effort behind this will lead to unlimited growth of your business since it shows how invested you are in your clients and employees alike.  Surround your chosen fountain with greenery and natural light to offer a reprieve in case of pressing deadlines and pressures.

Indoor wall waterfalls have immense customization capacities that are limited by your imagination. So let your imagination run wild with Midwest Tropical by your side and create staggering style statements worthy enough to be in a class of their own.

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