The Most Hyped Glass Water Fall Features Of 2021

The Most Hyped Glass Water Fall Features Of 2021

Glass Water walls are one of the trendiest water features for their visual appeal, classy look, and calming vibes they emit. And while each business wants to create a unique yet dynamic physical presence, a glass water wall display is a sure-fire way to grab all attention. Architectural concepts and designs involving glass water wall panels are growing in popularity for the ease that anybody can choose from hundreds of styles depending upon the magnitude of aesthetic value they would like to add to the environment. As pioneers of indoor water features in this region, we can promise all social enthusiasts that they will witness hundreds of more glass water walls this week!

Premade Wall Waterfall Design

These are ready-made glass water walls at Midwest Tropical and so offer convenience in installation time and maintenance. These are ideal for commercial spaces that are newly launched and do not have a lot of free space on the floor since they mostly cover vertical spaces. People can still go a little trendier by adding playback music and colorful LED lights of their choice. Otherwise, these are still complete water features in themselves, highly appealing, decent and yet attractive enough to compel your visitors and other stakeholders to appreciate your architectural sense.

Custom Glass water Walls

Custom glass water walls are more popular in this digitally modern age. You can choose from vertical chamber glass water walls or swirly ones, depending on your preference and the space your commercial property has.

  • Get your logo and/or tagline printed on the panel, ideally if it™s a casino, retro pub, or restaurant with spacious dine-ins.
  • It is advisable to get a custom background glass water wall panel, especially if you have a lot of visitors at night hours.
  • These are also suitable for long corridors and waiting areas. Any architectural ambiance after installation of indoor custom water features looks more welcoming and appealing.
  • Entrepreneurs can still choose to create style statements by either getting their brand concepts printed on either acrylic or metal.
  • Backgrounds with firework graphics and rainbow aesthetics also look alluring and enchanting.

How should I choose a glass water wall?

  • The type of glass water wall you would like to install depends on a lot of factors than just their availability. For example:
  • If you have a club and would like to add some color, get a custom water feature with a colorful glass water wall panel. Here, the background color is more important and valuable as compared to your brand™s tagline.
  • If you own a dentist™s office or a medical ambiance, choose calming colors: maybe install some LED fairy lights in cool colors so that waiting isn™t a daunting task.
  • If you have a fast-food restaurant, go with something that utilizes your logo on an acrylic panel and does indirect advertisement.
  • If you are in a library, it™s highly recommended to get a custom water glass water with a motivational quote printed on the glass water wall panel.

Remember that there are endless options, and only your vision can limit creativity. Most glass water walls can be customized to your favorite 2D shapes, sizes, and backgrounds. You can choose to cover the widest spaces with these glass water walls. However, it is advisable to consult about the space and its dimensions before picking an indoor water feature that™s an ideal visual treat to your stakeholders and visitors.

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