Fountains For Your Spa

Fountains For Your Spa

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The spa experience is all about tranquility — giving clients a place to escape for relaxation and pampering. This is exactly why a water feature is such a natural fit for your space. With its wonderful, Zen-like feel, a water feature soothes nerves and creates peaceful ambiance. Its trickling water reminds clients of nature and its soothing sounds create white noise that masks other noises in the neighborhood. When you add one to your facility, it helps set your spa apart from all the surrounding traffic, work and other demands outside your doors. Clients step inside to an oasis where water is flowing, and their cares can melt away.

Does your spa already have a water fountain? If not, have you thought about the benefits of adding a bubble wall or similar product to your environment? Could it be exactly the finishing touch your facility needs?

To help you think through the best fountain for your spa, here’s a look at some indoor water features that are available today:

Wall fountains.  Ask most people about indoor water fountains, and they’ll think of wall fountains. These upright water features mount onto walls and showcase water cascading downward — mimicking a waterfall. What’s great about wall fountains is how eye-catching they are, designed to capture your visitors’ attention. Likewise, they’re large enough to impact the overall ambiance of a room. When you’re looking for a fountain with big impact, this is a great choice.

Table fountains.  If you’d like a fountain that’s portable and compact enough to set on a table in your spa, consider the benefits of a tabletop design. These fountains come in all kinds of styles, from bowls to stacks of stones. You can set one on your reception desk, on a table in the lobby, or in a treatment room. Table fountains can also feature a variety of carvings, from people to angels or animals.

Bubble walls.  One of the most popular and innovative fountain options today is the bubble wall fountain. With a bubble wall, you get all the appeal of a soothing water fountain, but with the easier maintenance of an enclosed feature. Bubble walls showcase dancing bubbles that constantly move and flow. They can include LED lighting and shaped glass in their designs. When you add one to your spa, you enjoy both the calming appeal of nature, and the mesmerizing beauty of dynamic artwork. Even better, you have a statement piece that doesn’t require regular upkeep.

If you’re interested in adding a bubble wall fountain to your facility, contact Midwest Tropical. As the pioneer of the water wall concept, our company is your resource for stunning, one-of-a-kind bubble wall panel systems. Our designs are made in-house by our talented team and manufactured here in the United States. Connect with us today to learn more!


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