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At Midwest Tropical, we have a vast catalogue of Waterfall Walls, Tropical Fountain, and Acrylic Bubble Wall for both indoor and outdoor. First, reflect on your preferences in terms of style, composition material, size, lighting, etc. Then, choose which room you want to highlight and observe the type of decoration present in that area. With us, you will indeed find an ideal product.


To further enhance their presence, many Waterfall Walls have a lighting system alongside their water mechanism. Previously, we mentioned the properties of water sources to relax us, so a good combination of lights only increases this effect. There are different types of lights: brighter, dimmer, etc.


For the love of Tropical Fountain


Tropical Fountain references are in Buddha and Zen culture, a reference in Eastern meditation. For this reason, we find sources in greyish and dark colors and stone materials. This natural inspiration leads some products in this category to mimic the waterfalls that can be found in nature.


You will enjoy its pleasant background sound listening to how the water moves and changes from one container to another. However, it is a delight in a small format, as most indoor Tropical Fountains do not exceed a meter in height. They also have silent water pumping systems so that no mechanical noise distorts the natural movement of water.


As for Acrylic Bubble Wall, our catalogue focuses on oriental inspiration. Find designs that are usually made of porous and greyish materials that imitate stone, granite, etc.Others imitate natural waterfalls, with their elements such as wood and rock, which guide the water flow from above to below. Again, a silent motor is responsible for reducing the noise to make the experience as pastoral and pleasant as possible.


If you are fascinated by our sources, take a look at the characteristics of each one and choose the one that best suits your home. Then, start decorating your garden now with our Acrylic Bubble Walls.


Waterfall Walls to welcome you home!


Waterfall Walls envisage your home. We bet your guests will be impressed, and they will know that the interior of your house will be very notable.


Waterfall Walls are the best Zen elements


When it comes to installing Waterfall Walls, you don’t have to care much. Its setup is much simpler than it seems since it has a closed circuit that distributes the water and reuses it. In the same way, remember that it is easily customizable since you can cover it with tiles or paint it to adapt it to your tastes.


Another aspect that makes Waterfall Walls your best choice is how well they fit in with a perfectly decorated environment. If you are one of those who tend to have the outside full of trees and flowers, try adding a fountain to make a small natural corner.


On the other hand, this type of aquatic element brings great freshness to the house and attracts birds searching for water to drink. Thus, you will only have to open the front door to contemplate a typical spring picture.

Tropical Fountain to brighten life


Only the sound that the water makes when it falls into the fountain over and over will allow you to relax and spend an afternoon sunbathing or reading. In addition to refreshing the atmosphere, Tropical Fountains allow the whole family to enjoy themselves. They can even be part of a play space where you can spend Sunday mornings!


Do not forget that decorative fonts can be the complement you are looking for to complete your home. What if you create a small relaxing space with an umbrella, some hammocks and your outdoor fountain? We assure you that you will not regret it. In our online store, you can find different heights and materials.


Tropical Fountains are very easy to clean


You do not have to disassemble any components of the Tropical Fountain or do tasks that take hours. Instead, all you need to do is wipe the outside with a cloth to remove dirt. Subsequently, remove the water from the inside to wipe another cloth and clean it with a hose.


As you have seen, fountains are your best ally when it comes to getting the most out of your home as a whole. For more information, do not hesitate to contact us. We will wait for you!

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