Everything You Need To Know About Indoor Water Walls For Businesses

When it comes to special features that make a commercial facility stand out, there™s nothing quite like a water wall. A contained waterfall that™s specially made for the indoors, a water wall showcases soothing water floating down a wall and into a pool or rocks. It makes a calming addition to any interior environment ” whether in a hotel, spa, business complex or car dealership. If you™re interested in learning more about adding one to your location, here™s what you need to know.

Benefits of Installing an Indoor Water Wall

Adding an indoor water wall immediately upgrades the overall look and feel of your business environment. Here are a few of the benefits that come from installing one:

  • Enhanced branding through custom design that features your name/logo
  • White noise to cover other nearby sounds and make your business environment more enjoyable
  • Improved air in your working environment
  • An overall sense of elegance and tranquility
  • Bringing the beauty of the outdoors inside to your business
  • Versatile uses and possibilities

Basics to Know Before Purchasing an Indoor Water Wall

Before adding an indoor water wall to your commercial location, you™ll want to understand a few basics. First, water walls carry none of the hassles of traditional water features. This means you won™t have to worry about complicated installation or upkeep. Rather, you™ll get to enjoy their tranquility and beauty without much effort. Likewise, it™s worth knowing that water walls only consume a low amount of energy, especially compared to other water features.

At Midwest Tropical, they also come with options for LED lighting to illuminate the water in an efficient way. Whether you™re looking for a feature to add beauty or personalization to your business, a water wall is the perfect choice.

Ways You May Customize a Water Wall

Midwest Tropical customizes your water wall to you. This means you have control over everything from size to material to extras. Add a branded design to your piece, reinforcing your company name or messaging. Choose a sealed design or an open model. We create large and small water walls, and our designers are skilled at working with a variety of materials.

If you™re interested in learning more about the options available with a water wall in your business location, contact Midwest Tropical today. Since our founding in 1977, we™ve been the family-owned business clients trust to create quality water features ” we™d love to help enhance your facility!

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