What™s your interior design missing?

What™s your interior design missing?

It has happened to the best of us: you see the perfect decor accessory, make an impulse purchase only to find it looking out of place in the designated location. This makes you question your taste and your interior design decisions. Water walls are one such fixture that everyone covets but not every place can pull them off if not chosen according to the theme and with respect to other items such as furniture and colors. Midwest Tropical offers custom water features that fit in all imaginable interior decor themes.

If you feel something is off and odd about your interior design, then look at these 4 mistakes that are often made but are easily fixable.

  1. Pay heed to scale in interior design.

Whether it™s the lobby or the workplace, every room should be a cityscape”a combo of varying heights. If everything is at the same level or the same size, it sets off a monotonous vibe where it™s evident that something™s missing. The different heights can be achieved with water features, furnishings, windows, and art placement.

It takes a talented eye to create a room with impeccable taste, which is why height is often a mistake that is made by everyone when it comes to interior design. Too many small things make a room look cluttered, while too bulky things make the room congested and stuffed.

  1. Establish a focal point.

Any well-designed interior starts with a focal point. The purpose of the focal point is to offer a center of attention and anchor the space. The focal point should be created with a prominent fixture that compels everyone to focus and gives the eyes somewhere to land. This could be easily achieved with rain walls that fulfill every criterion of a focal point. Architectural statements need to bold and created with confidence, which is why water features are often the choice for most decorators.

  1. Not everything has to match.

Your interiors should reflect your personal taste, which makes them as unique as you are. The best way to create such a place is to select everything with purpose and style. It may seem convenient to take a page from a catalog and look for matching stuff, but that will result in a space that lacks character. Even worse is that you may end up with interiors similar to that of a competitor™s. The key is to not rush into committing till you discover the perfect pieces that complement each other well and blend well with the theme.

  1. What about the limited sources of light?

When acquiring a new business place, not enough thought is given to lighting. Only the basic light is often provided with affordable fixtures that lead to harsh lighting or dimly lit spaces. The secret to pulling of custom made water walls is to make sure there™s plenty of natural light during the daytime and enough lighting once it™s dark. Make sure you have a combination of lamps, overhead lights, and wall lights that offer even lighting throughout your commercial property. Accentuate your noteworthy items, such as water features and artwork, to establish pleasing visual aesthetics.

Planning a flawless interior that boasts sophistication, class, and authenticity is challenging, but not impossible. If you want to create stunning visuals that reflect your taste and brand identity, Midwest Tropical™s rain walls will seamlessly fit all your interior decor plans. Never again do you have to wonder what™s missing since you would have thought of everything from the get-go with the help of the guidelines mentioned above. Keep decorating!


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